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# Sentence Times
1. "He reaches inside his windbreaker to his shirt pocket. He has four or five sheets of foolscap, xeroxes, I see, of court documents" (Scott Turow). 1
2. A biodegradable silica-based xerogel with nano-scale mesopores was synthesized by using improved sol-gel process, and its hemostatic properties were investigated. 1
3. a campaign against racism and xenophobia. 1
4. A full length Xenopus nucleolin cDNA was constructed from overlapping sequences recovered from an ovary cDNA library. 0
5. A good choice is one of the inert gases; neon, argon, krypton, or xenon. 1
6. A good choice is one of the inert gases; neon, argon, krypton, or xenon. This website 1
7. A harzburgite xenolith sample from Paleogene basalts in Shuangliao area of Jilin Province records the information of upper mantle metasomatism. 1
8. A kind of xenon lamps stabilizer is designed which is made up of the tripper-circuit with two-leveled rising voltage and the direct current power circuit with frequency conversion mode. 1
9. A machine for photographically reproducing written, printed, or graphic material, especially by xerography. 1
10. A man once famed for his intolerance, xenophobia and irrational rages has become a husk of his former self. 1
11. A new deinking agent was used for the deinking experiment of xerographic paper. The deinking technological conditions were optimized and physical properties of the deinked pulp were tested. 1
12. A new method employing model FTV2700 helium ionized gas chromatographic analyzer to analyze the hexafluoroethane(C 2F 6)content in xenon is described. 1
13. A student of Plato, Xenocrates, does provide invaluable help. 0
14. A trademark used for a photocopying process or machine employing xerography. 1
15. A xenon poison method is proposed for measurement of thermal neutron flux density. 1
16. A Xerox machine is capable of copying its own blueprints, but it is not capable of springing spontaneously into existence. 0
17. A11: various eye diseases such as nyctalopia, conjunctiva and corneal xerosis. 1
18. About $ 525 million of the $ 1. 5 billion Xerox charge will cover reserves for claims losses at Talegen. 0
19. About 30 major medical centers in the United States have xenon CAT scan technology. 1
20. About 30 major medical centers in the United States have xenon CT scan technology. 1
21. Accelerated electrons are scattered by xenon atoms in the xenon filled thyratron. 2
22. According to his biographers Plato and Xenophon, Socrates did not just search for the meaning of life, but the meaning of our own lives. 0
23. According to his pupil Xenophon, Socrates felt that, at age 70, he would be better off dead than to linger in exile or confinement. 0
24. According to the Japanese Fuji xerox chairman Lin Yang tai long before the company, estimates that only about 25% of Japanese companies using America's board of directors structure. 1
25. According to the statistics of 2615 enclaves in 53 enclave observation spots, enclaves in Fangshan granodiorite are divided into two categories, xenolith enclave and microgranular enclave. 1
26. According to Tom Halfhill, industry analyst and editor of Microprocessor Report, the eight-core Godson 3B will still be significantly less powerful than Intel's best chip, the six-core Xeon processor. 0
27. ACF had fine dynamic adsorptive capacity of xenon and was a fine adsorbent to absorb xenon. 2
28. Achaemeniann foot guards, Parthian warriors, the cavalry of Xerxes, litters, chariots, tanks, Bactrian camels. 0
29. Active bi - xenon headlamps are offered with the XC 90, providing increased visibility on dark, windy roads. 1
30. Adverse Reactions : In some cases, slight lethargy, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distention, hyperhidrosis , xerostomia or rash may occur. 1





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