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1. A walnut looks like a little brain, with left and right hemispheres, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums... Even the wrinkles or folds on a walnut are like the neo-cortex. 1
2. Acacia Senegal gum - reduce and soften the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, providing a natural lift . 1
3. After an hour, my hands turned limp, like free-swimming jellyfish puckered in little wrinkles and folds along the fingertips. 1
4. After one month, wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin looks plumper. and your eyes sparkle with new youthfulness . 1
5. Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul. 2
6. Alas, this production is effectively blocked if you follow current advice to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles by always covering up or using ample amounts of sunscreen. 1
7. Alga extract can smooth, moisturize the skin and remove the wrinkles. 1
8. Also, I extended wrinkles to the cheekbone areas. 1
9. Anna Magnani, an iconic Italian actress from the fifties, once warned a makeup artist not to retouch her wrinkles –because, she said, it took her so long to earn them. 1
10. Anti - drying, to wrinkles, promote diaphoretic to prevent obstruction skin, and assist detoxification. 1
11. Applied over makeup, this transparent, velvety gel puts wrinkles into soft focus. 1
12. As skin cell turnover continues to slow, wrinkles become deeper and more settled. 1
13. As we facial muscle contraction and an over - active form of expression annoying wrinkles. 1
14. As you know, this repeated muscle contraction causes facial lines and wrinkles to form BOTOX? 1
15. At that time, she was grey-haired with wrinkles all over her face, while he still remained the same young face when the snowslide happened twenty years ago, so she deeply felt the power of time. 1
16. Bar code symbol, with no visible surface clean dirt, wrinkles of loss or damage or perforated. 1
17. BOTOX can block the nerves and muscles between the nerve impulse to excessive contraction of small muscle relaxation, thus achieving the effect of wrinkles. 1
18. Broken blood vessels accompany these wrinkles and can be treated with lasers or cautery. 1
19. But he chose a drastic method of staving off wrinkles, a potbelly , the whims of a fickle public. 1
20. Can be used to treat skin relaxation, pock , stretch marks, wrinkles, acne, obesity pattern. 1
21. Can this face cream smooth away wrinkles? 1
22. Cigarette smoke has also been shown to damage skin, and most recently, industrial and traffic related ambient particulate matter has been correlated with facial wrinkles and pigmentary changes. 1
23. Collagen, she read, plumped out the flesh beneath the skin, thus eliminating those telltale wrinkles. 1
24. Combining effective anti-wrinkle provitamin A with patented micro capsule technique, it can permeate deep into skin to effectively reduce wrinkles and fade out black eye rings. 1
25. Comfrey is added to lotion because it guards against dryness and helps prevent wrinkles and encourages skin cell regeneration. It is not an herb you want to take internally however. 1
26. Comfrey is added to lotion because it guards against dryness and helps prevent wrinkles because it encourages skin cell regeneration. 1
27. Conclusion It is an effective method to correct temporal wrinkles, blepharochalasis of upper eyelid and eyebrow tattoo failure with little injury and short convalescent period. 1
28. Consider a prescription for a retinoid like tretinoin to minimize signs of aging such as uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and age spots, says Bobby Buka, MD, a New York City dermatologist. 1
29. Could you iron out the wrinkles in my dress? 1
30. Currently used as a helium-neon laser lasers, carbon dioxide laser for nevi, common warts, syringoma, eyelid xanthelasma, as well as small wrinkles and so on. 1






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