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# Sentence Times
1. A company called Astrogenetix has started the approval process for putting their salmonella vaccine through the clinical trial wringer. 1
2. Before being reunited with his 14-year-old wife and baby, Pedro Sotelo went through the wringer Thursday. 1
3. Corporation sells, to attend to machine, wringer kitchen small household electrical appliances products and so on production soybean milk machine. 1
4. He called her a "dazzling singer" but added that she "puts good taste through the wardrobe wringer . All crass and no class." 1
5. His ex-wife really put Barry through the wringer. 1
6. I was really put through the wringer at my job interview . I had to fill out papers, meet dozens of peoples, and do a presentation! 1
7. John McLeish, himself a forceful character, felt as if he had been put through a wringer. 1
8. Months later, after Nixon had resigned in disgrace, humor columnist Art Buchwald jokingly give Graham a small bronze wringer . 1
9. Outside investigators will put the company's accounting practices through the wringer. 1
10. Rachel suddenly felt she'd been through an emotional wringer. 1
11. SCULLY: I don't blame you. You've been through the wringer , I'd say. 1
12. She kept the wooden wringer in her corporate office, near her desk. 1
13. She's really been through the wringer since her husband died. 1
14. Stock investors have been through the wringer over the past five months, sweating through nasty market declines and savoring the recoveries that followed. 1
15. Their private parts were firmly jammed in the wringer and all it needed was for somebody to to the rescue. 1
16. Then Martin began to alternate between the dryer and the wringer, between times "shaking out" socks and stockings. 1
17. Until the U. S. stops toying around and gets serious our economy is likely to be going through the wringer for quite some time. 1
18. Washing clothes, pulling items through a wringer and hanging them outside took a full day, and ironing took another. 1
19. With the wringer and mop they make up a mopping system. 1




wringers (plural noun)

  - a device for wringing water from wet clothes, mops, or other objects.


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