Wretched Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. 'I'm so sorry,' she said wretchedly. 1
2. "I made it all up," she said wretchedly. 1
3. A little, wretched, despicable creature, a worm, a mere nothing...that has risen up in contempt against the majesty of Heaven and earth- Jonathan Edwards. 1
4. A place of extreme wretchedness or squalor. 1
5. Age after age has passed away, for no other purpose than to behold their wretchedness. Thomas Paine  1
6. All the merriment had gone out of the day . He was disturbed , wretched, resentful. 1
7. And the wretched thing is that Gore is no better placed. 1
8. Another child makes the family wretched with his crying for the better part of an hour. 1
9. Aziraphale looked wretched. "If you must know, " he said, a trifle testily, "I gave it away." 1
10. But hunger and wretchedness rise superior to fears in the long run. 1
11. But one can only take just so much wretched excess and conspicuous consumption. 1
12. But such conversations, unless they spring up spontaneously among friends, are usually poor and wretched things. 1
13. But that wretched Sandra would have had a field day too - her picture in the local rag in her best dress. 1
14. But the young know they are wretched, for they are full of the truthless ideals which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real they are bruised and wounded. 1
15. But whereas the wretched Io had to pay dearly for the distinction, Europa was exceedingly fortunate. 1
16. But, oh, the wretchedness of being forced this way! 1
17. Comparison, more than reality, makes men happy or wretched. Thomas Fuller  1
18. Deceived by unscrupulous men, he vouched for the authenticity of that wretched diamond mine. 1
19. Discovering that I was only self-possessed with peo- ple I knew intimately, I would often go to a strange house where I knew I would spend a wretched hour for schooling sake. 1
20. Edward, utterly wretched, put his arms about her and she raised her mouth to his. 1
21. Either that, or she made up her mind to marry the wretched fellow. 1
22. Flinging himself on the carpet, he buried his head wretchedly in the sofa cushions. 1
23. Flinging himself on the carpet,(This website/wretchedly.html) he buried his head wretchedly in the sofa cushions. 1
24. Following her mother's death, the young girl entered an almshouse, where she spent four years among the most wretched of society's outcasts. 1
25. For one thing, he chose to carry out the essential cell fusion with Sendai virus-but Sendai virus is wretched. 1
26. For the last month this wretched house had presented the gloomy appearance of a lazaretto infected with the plague. 1
27. From year to year the child grew, and so did her wretchedness. 1
28. Guy felt wretched about it now. 1
29. He could have waited, got Hencke back home before making his wretched announcement, keep us unawares. 1
30. He did kiss me back then, as if he wanted to press his wretched thin inhibited mouth right through my head. 1

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