Wishing Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use wishing, so you can learn how to use wishing in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word wishing here, and see the words sound like or similar to wishing

# Sentence Times
1. 'That' is nearly always left out, especially in speech. He's dead and it's no use wishing him alive again. 1
2. "So, we end our odyssey into all things Hello Kitty by wishing this cat all the best, " they conclude, cutely. 1
3. A man went to the police office wishing to speak with the burglar who had broken into his house the night before. "You will get your chance in court. " said the Desk Sergeant. 1
4. A thousand roses with your mood, Fold 1,000 crane fly your joy, For one reason makes you happy peace, wishing you a thousand sentences Spring Festival reunion! 1
5. A week later, the baby will be ritually bathed in a cedar tub by a courtier while auspicious texts, written in classic Chinese literary style and wishing it good health and fortune, are read aloud. 1
6. Acting Consul General Joseph Zadrozny displays a perfectly browned Sichuanese chicken prepared according to a traditional holiday recipe before wishing the citizens of Chengdu a happy Lunar New Year. 1
7. Again, I smiled, wishing Father had brought calligraphy instead of ball torture. 1
8. All the family join me in wishing you a happy future. 1
9. Also, to answer some of the issues that I write, just write out, brains have a drawer as an inhibition of stopping the flow of material wishing to pull out from. 1
10. And a fund wishing to commit money to the international media industry has in Reed/Elsevier an obvious candidate for such an investment. 1
11. Anne, far from wishing to cavil at the pleasure, replied, "I can easily believe it." 1
12. Another unusual feature in this price class: outputs that enable those wishing to upgrade their home theater with separate power amplifiers. 1
13. Any retail investor wishing to subscribe for the Retail Notes needs to have a bank account and an investment account with one of the Placing Banks. 1
14. Anyone wishing to apply for a grant should write to the Treasurer. 1
15. Anyone wishing to avail themselves of this facility should contact the Hotel direct. 1
16. Anyone wishing to contact the community team can do so by telephoning Rhyl police and asking for St Asaph police station. 1
17. Anyone wishing to dissent from the motion should now raise their hand. 1
18. Anyone wishing to have an up-to-date statement of the annual fee before accepting a place should write to the Registry. 1
19. Anyone wishing to join the society should apply in the first instance to the secretary. 1
20. Anyone wishing to make a contribution to help buy a baby alarm can send donations to the Royal Surrey Hospital. 1
21. Anyone wishing to order the book should send a cheque to the publishers. 1
22. Anyone wishing to tackle crime rates must pay enormous attention to youth crime because of its sheer scale. 1
23. Anyone wishing to use the video - obtain this leaflet or have more information please contact 12. 1
24. Apologists wishing to exploit a revisionist history of science invariably stress the profoundly religious orientation of many prominent scientists. 1
25. Because today's your birthday ,because I love you so,because the happiness we share means more than I can show, because of little thoughtful things you so often do,with all my heart i'm wishing every happiness for you.Happy Birthday! 1
26. Behind his blank face, Gabriel was playing the wishing Game. 1
27. Bodies wishing to be consulted must leave the umbrella committee established to coordinate activity against the Moscow decision on trusteeship. 1
28. Candidates wishing to present other types of qualifications are requested to write to the Faculty Office outlining their plans. 1
29. Carol found herself wishing that Fred could make a go of something. 1
30. Catherine wishing to keep up your acquaintance, I acquiesced -- foolishly. 1

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