Winsome Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "I would like to perform in front of the Queen so I could make her heart melt, " said Steel, winsomely. 1
2. Any winsome volunteers to take over? 1
3. But winsome didn't win the day, and nor did hard - luck stories. 1
4. Groups of winsome lads violate the faith of the believers with acts which are sufficient to shake the very roots of piety. 1
5. He looked less winsome and poetic now; his face was harder, with short hair, the cheekbones more pronounced. 1
6. He was winsome and diffident, with a quiet sense of humour. 1
7. Her engaging smile, her winsome manner and her impeccable behaviour soon endeared her to the public. 1
8. In Paralympic Game's athletic field, Jiangsu girl Yao has won the Chinese regiment winsomely in the bird nest the first gold medal. 1
9. In the end, the ambitious pic is kept afloat by Zhou's engagingly winsome perf as Baober, a role arguably no other actress could have pulled off. 1
10. Jerry received larger, more winsome eyes, larger ears, and a sweeter expression. 1
11. Jiang Xiao by the female unique gentle, sympathizes winsomely , is comforting the baby who these are ignorant of affair. 1
12. Maria brought along her eldest daughter - a winsome lass with brown eyes and a ready smile. 1
13. Mat, winsome, handsome, pipe-smoking paterfamilias, introduced us to the fishermen at the table. 1
14. One hundred fifty-seven pages in length, the book is so winsome that it is easy to read in a single sitting. 1
15. She gave him a winsome smile. 1
16. She gave him her best winsome smile. 1
17. She is a winsome wee thing. 1
18. She was a winsome creature. 1
19. Slightly winsomely said yesterday power cut. 1
20. Sometimes the health problem can be very serious: winsome was a well-bred Thoroughbred brood mare. 1
21. Suggested that small in domestic reads off in a big way winsomely four, after the undergraduate course graduates, applies for France Conservatory again. 1
22. Taxi driver Qiao Hui winsome driving close Zhou Yingzhu , the week everywhere looks after to her. 1
23. The ecology movement often works best in behalf of winsome landscapes and wildlife. 1
24. The invited first session of hundred-flowers award movie queen wishes hopes winsomely , was once continual three sessions to obtain the hundred flowers movie queen)! 1
25. The winsome smile flickered back with its sly message. 1
26. Throws over the upper body the national flag, Yao is smiling brightly winsomely , she does not stop bows in thanks to the audience. 1
27. Worst of all, winsome had developed a large malignant tumour on the eyelid of one eye. 1
28. Worst of all, winsome had developed a large malignant tumour on the eyelid of one eye. This website 1

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