Whine Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. 'I want to go home,' whined Toby. 1
2. "I had that door painted only last week, " Mr. Higginbotham half whined, half bullied; "and you know what union wages are. 1
3. "You're worrying about your obsessive degree of self-criticism again," whines Me. "How pathetically solipsistic." 1
4. A car whined in protest , but skidded staunchly out of its driveway. 1
5. A frigid wind surged through the arches, producing a ghoulish whine. 1
6. All of its close relatives except one make the whine but not the chuck. 1
7. And don't sign him into his dotage and whine about his getting old later. 1
8. And finally, do certain your boss sees you as a winner and not a whiner . 1
9. And finally, make sure your boss sees you as a winner and not a whiner. 1
10. And that part of my mind seemed to whine faintly and go very cold and still. 1
11. Arm yourself with facts and figures on your performance. Position the raise as a benefit to the company. And finally, make sure your boss sees you as a winner and not a whiner. 1
12. As darkness falls an eerie voice Whines beware, beware, beware. 0
13. At operating speed there was no roaring, vibrating, or shaking, just a smooth whine from the turbine. 1
14. Be a winner, not a whiner. 1
15. Bullets drilled into wood or stone or sang off the walls with a loud whine. 1
16. But they were hot on the trail of a loathsome whine as the party in another mess pined for better days. 1
17. But, he added, some city staff members do whine about it once in awhile. 1
18. Call a rather feeble high-pitched whistle or whine. 1
19. Cheap whine is near the top of the standings and looking to make one of their patented playoff runs. 1
20. Could be they are just a whiner and there is no pleasing them or it could be they have a legitimate complaint. 1
21. Don't whine about it, or you'll sound like a baby boomer. 1
22. Draco is something of a whiner, or at least he is not above using a relatively minor injury to his own advantage. 1
23. Fifi whines periodically, and Yoyo has recited something for the men, he can tell from the singsong in her voice. 1
24. Garden adjacent to the dugout home of Jack Whinery, homesteader. 0
25. He could hear the sound of hammering, then the whine of a circular saw. 1
26. He cries, whines, and just goes and sits over there and hangs his head down. 1
27. He had alternately whined over his grievances and patronized her. 1
28. He had alternately whined over his grievances. 1
29. He heard the clang of metal on metal, and a ricochet whined viciously past his head. 1
30. He heard the Rover roar around the corner, accelerate past, then squeal to a stop and whine back in reverse. 1




whines (plural noun)

  - a long, high-pitched complaining cry.


whines (third person present) · whined (past tense) · whined (past participle) · whining (present participle)

  - give or make a long, high-pitched complaining cry or sound.


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