Wax Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "It's very heavy-handed of the OMB to come in and regulate peer review, " Waxman charges. 0
2. "While there has always been some level of industrial policy it has waxed and waned at a low level in previous administrations," says Mr Boskin. 1
3. A box of sugar-dusted, rose-scented Turkish Delight is something we often associate with but makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift packed into a box lined with waxed paper. 1
4. A box of sugar-dusted, rose-scented Turkish Delight is something we often associate with Christmasbut makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift packed into a box lined with waxed paper. 1
5. A candle gutters when the melted wax runs down its sides. 1
6. A candle made by repeated dipping in tallow or wax. 1
7. A changeling girl, age six, so shocked her new parents when she opened her mouth to speak that, thus frightened, they poured hot wax into each others ears and never heard an-other sound. 1
8. A clear, flammable liquid, CS2, used to manufacture viscose rayon and cellophane, as a solvent for fats, rubber, resins, waxes, and sulfur, and in matches, fumigants, and pesticides. 1
9. A concrete curing agent of emulsion wax was obtained with the combination of paraffin wax, microcrystal wax and liquid wax. 4
10. A device used on a sand line in the tubing of an oil well to scrape the wax off the tubing. 1
11. A fatty acid, CH3(CH 2) 24COOH, occurring in waxes, such as beeswax or carnauba wax. 2
12. A few minutes later he found himself alone in a sort of wainscoted cabinet of severe aspect, lighted by two wax candles, placed upon a table with a green cloth. 1
13. A group of Stinger block castings sits on the top shelf while a set of wax blocks are ready for the lost wax molding process to make the next set. 2
14. A hard brittle wax obtained by purifying ozokerite, a natural occurring mineral wax. 2
15. A kind of emulsifier wax using for young plants transplant was prepared from paraffin wax, water as solvent for dilution, and triethanolamine as emulsifier. 2
16. A lot of people in the waxworks will get the axe. 1
17. A method has been developed to measure the carbon distribution and content of microcrystal wax with high drop melting point. 1
18. A new hot melt automobile lamps adhesive mainly made of SIS was prepared. The influence of various factors, such as tackiness resin, wax and coupling agent were discussed. 1
19. A new technological process for extracting higher fatty alcohol from bees wax by supercritical CO2 extraction is described. 1
20. A process for chemically removing waxy constituents from lube oil base stock by using zeolite base catalyst under hydrogen atmosphere in order to meet the low temperature characteristics of lube oil. 1
21. A refinery term for distillate oils containing crystalline wax before they are dewaxed to produce paraffin wax and paraffin oil. 2
22. A reflexion scattering spectrophotometry for the adsorption and the extraction of the complex of nickel with dimethylglyoxime using microcrystalline wax have been studied. 1
23. a small wax figure of the god Duamutef. 1
24. A stop-gap method could be the use of a sheet of waxed paper under the work before gluing. 1
25. A substance, especially an adhesive agent such as wax or putty, used to close or secure something or to prevent seepage of moisture or air. 1
26. A suggestion was given to designate the control strategy about the parasite wasps on the white wax insect. 1
27. A thick layer of wax was spread over the surface. 1
28. A thin cake of wax covered the jam to seal it. 1
29. A thin waxy slip of poison ivy was entwined around one of the legs. 1
30. A tickling and a tickling . Fanny , take the wax out of my eyes! 1

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