Wavering Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use wavering, so you can learn how to use wavering in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word wavering here, and see the words sound like or similar to wavering

# Sentence Times
1. A few wavering Republicans may be convinced by the tough talk. 1
2. Boiotia itself was wavering, knowing that there was a strong current of opinion among the Peloponnesians in favour of defending only their peninsula. 1
3. But Shang Chung - li saw that Tu Chu - chai was still wavering slightly. 1
4. But while the passengers interrogated in London's black cabs may be wholeheartedly Conservative, taxi drivers themselves are wavering. 1
5. Despite Mr Haider's grandiose, unbelievable last-minute pledges to clean up his act, there should be no wavering. 1
6. Even their commitment to abolishing university tuition fees, a shibboleth in a party with a large student following, may be wavering. 1
7. First he applied heavy personal and political pressure on wavering Democrats. 1
8. From somewhere in the valley, a trumpet sounded four wavering notes. 1
9. He closed his eyes and chanted in a high, wavering voice. 1
10. He did not mention his government's wavering on the Kyoto accord. 1
11. He had to climb to the top of platform with his bare hands, legs lifted upward, massy body wavering to the left with great strength. 1
12. He told wavering colleagues the country must back the Government's stance. 1
13. He tried to stiffen his wavering soldiers. 1
14. He was leaning down, his spear arm back, the gleaming bronze blade wavering as it came towards her. 1
15. His hand was wavering and he could not hold the glass. 1
16. I looked over to him waveringly, to my discouraged; we were running into each other. "How stupid you are!" 1
17. I put my hand on the wavering cyclic grip between my knees. 1
18. I scuttle off, to be swallowed up by the wavering shadows of mulberry trees. 1
19. I sensed his wavering and I began sobbing uncontrollably. 1
20. If people have been wavering about giving the police information, this could be the thing to make them come forward. 1
21. If you are enslaved by laziness, irresolution, wavering, negative behaviors and timidity, luck will abandon you. Dr T.P.Chia  1
22. If you are victimized by a negative character, which is characterized by laziness, irresponsibility, low self-esteem, irresolution and wavering, you will lose control of your future. Dr T.P.Chia  1
23. In some places, Mondrian painted parallel to his stripes, trying to keep his hand from wavering. 1
24. It's the party's last attempt to persuade some of the nation's wavering voters to support them. 1
25. Many voters are still wavering between the two parties. 1
26. Maybe she should be flattened by a telephone kiosk on a wavering winch. 1
27. My sunny disposition wavering as the Copenhagen summit on climate change approaches. 1
28. Now, even with Wang Ho - fu goading him on, he was wavering and hesitant. 1
29. One that effectively says stop what you're doing and come over here when your concentration is wavering. 1
30. Shareholders who were wavering met the directors. 1

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