Warranted Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A departure may be warranted, for example, in a case involving a sex offense committed against a minor or if the offense resulted in serious bodily injury to a minor. 1
2. A refinement of the calculation is warranted. 1
3. At term delivery rather than further evaluation is usually warranted. 1
4. But at least it warranted a retort. 1
5. Closed suction drainage is not warranted in elective total joint replacement. 1
6. Deciding when insurance is warranted is a personal choice. 1
7. Do you think this fear is warranted? 1
8. Emergent ophthalmologic and otolaryngology consultation is warranted because surgical drainage may be necessary. 1
9. Forbes will periodically review the list to determine whether a replacement is warranted and will scratch off those fugitives who are put out of action. 1
10. Formal management implies tracing requirements and marking requirement trace links as suspect when warranted. 1
11. Further investigation is clearly warranted. 1
12. Further studies are warranted to define additional measures to reduce discomfort in those requiring nephrostomy tube drainage following percutaneous nephrolithotomy. 1
13. He was handsome, certainly, and something about him was strangely compelling, but on their own, those were not qualities that warranted a feature article. 1
14. Her interference was not warranted. 1
15. I stared for a long time, without touching anything, wondering why any of it warranted a protective strand of hair. 1
16. If, as a result of the review under this paragraph, the authorities determine that the anti-dumping duty is no longer warranted, it shall be terminated immediately. 1
17. In practice, of course, we would not do so unless we thought the commercial circumstances warranted it. 1
18. In severe diarrhea, parenteral administration of fluids and electrolytes is warranted. 1
19. In that case the sellers had warranted that a clay pulverising machine would process clay at six tons per hour. 1
20. In-warranty repairs or replacements parts are warranted only for the unexpired portion of the original Warranty Period of the Supplies. 1
21. Is our O & M strategy adequate to meet warranted availability level? 1
22. It seems reasonably clear now that the haste precluded reasonable and deliberate judicial treatment of these cases and was not warranted. 1
23. It was felt Multavia warranted a full day. 1
24. It was not a casual departure which warranted little attention. 1
25. Most access equipment can be hired if outright purchase is not warranted. 1
26. Nevertheless, I do not accept that his pessimism is warranted in Britain. 1
27. Nor were all convinced that leprosy warranted being singled out for special attention. 1
28. Obviously what she did was wrong, but I don't think it warranted quite such severe punishment. 1
29. Patients who absconded were always accepted back, whether their medical condition warranted it or not. 1
30. Physical therapy for joint strengthening exercises may occasionally by warranted, and weight reduction is beneficial. 1

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