Wanton Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use wanton, so you can learn how to use wanton in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word wanton here, and see the words sound like or similar to wanton

# Sentence Times
1. A lover may bestride the gossamer idles in the wanton summer air, and yet not fall. 1
2. a wanton disregard for human life. 1
3. A wanton woman prefers brawn to brains. 1
4. Afraid they speed up wantoned, in the hereafter again some what impair the words of kinglet Ye reputation spread to go and then wanted to forbid a tube by that time, only afraid is also night. 1
5. After the millenary of tentative idea, mankind can roam wantonly in infinite universe , is that to be so secret, so magical! 1
6. After the Rose Bay to the road at the starting point of wantonly MILE 0. To witness the world's longest highway starting point. 1
7. All ludicrous examples of local councils wantonly spending excess cash are gratefully received. 1
8. Almost as disturbing as the ethical agnosticism is the wanton stupidity. 1
9. And though the maidens did show themselves thus naked openly, yet was there no dishonesty seen nor offered, but all this sport was full of play and toys, without any youthful part or wantonness. 1
10. As a non- governmentally operated enterprise growing up rapidly, Wantong Telecom Co. Ltd. (WT) is a mobile phone agent and a direct marketing retail dealer. 0
11. As stated in the supplement, the heritage erosion is due to ignorance, and not wanton destruction. 1
12. At a time when skills are in demand, they have been wantonly discarded. 1
13. Banks are capable of wanton speculation at home, too. 1
14. Because has the human who several enter the grave most early to die early, is exaggerated "pharaoh's curse" wantonly by the media, Tutankhamen 's name is more widely known in the West. 1
15. Because has the human who several enter the grave most early to die early, is exaggerated "pharaoh's curse" wantonly by the media, Tutankhamen 's name is more widely known in the West.This website 1
16. But the ignorant craftswoman wantonly dared the goddess herself to come down and compete with her. 1
17. But to start the next wave of opportunities, we need to revive the kind of wanton cross-pollination that got us this far. 1
18. DBX 2 EML is a free software, you can use wantonly and distribute, but must contain this text. 1
19. Despite their spartan, isolated lifestyle, there are no stories of women being raped or wanton violence against civilians. 1
20. Do you know how pale and wanton thrillful comes death on a strange hour? 1
21. Feeling drugged and quite incredibly wanton, she moved her fingers to his jaw. 1
22. He felt certain that O'Brien was about to twist the dial out of sheer wantonness. 1
23. He killed to eat , not from wantonness; but he preferred to eat what he killed himself. 1
24. He quickly wantoned away his inheritance. 1
25. He was careless of his own safety and showed wanton disregard for everyone else. 1
26. He was the more surprised at his daughter's wanton play of a fixed idea. 1
27. Her gestures and postures became more wanton and provocative. 1
28. His diaries were wantonly destroyed. 1
29. I kicked my son because of his wantonness. 1
30. If he sleeps, he must not be wantonly disturbed. 1

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