Wanting Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use wanting, so you can learn how to use wanting in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word wanting here, and see the words sound like or similar to wanting

# Sentence Times
1. 'Your secretary said you'd be wanting a cleaner,' she announced with her usual truculence. 1
2. "At first I thought Jack was just a rebound dater wanting to make a conquest, " said Fiona over dinner with her girlfriends. "But he's called every day since our first date, and he's really sweet. 1
3. "Germany and France can't agree on the euro's future, with France wanting status quo and Germany saying it can't keep bailing out member states each time there is a crisis," said Ostwald. 1
4. "There is no doubt that the American families are having difficulty, wanting to invest in big-ticket home items during this economic situation," J.C. Penney's CEO Myron Ullman said. 1
5. A certain humanity is wanting in big cities. 1
6. A few days or weeks of not wanting to think about it will do no harm. 1
7. A.R. How do you feel about young people wanting to become actors, these days? 1
8. About all sorts of venereal preclinical. Be badly in need of wanting. 1
9. According to report of Wuhan morning paper, individual business housing wants capture buffalo gnat a lot of tax cost, among them, compare tariff of heavy agree wanting number. 1
10. Afterward, he lay beside her, not moving, not wanting to disturb the deep sleep into which Nina usually drifted. 1
11. Agency by agreement signing of contract is it is it prevents of both sides opportunism agent increase of cost that behavior cause to consider wanting too. 1
12. Alice is always wanting to get in on the act. 1
13. Also I have included angle Iron Rings for the duct joints as we do in all the plants, I was wanting to be sure we have a very nice looking system as well as works well in the new building. 1
14. Always I was comparing myself to others, watching other husbands, fathers and sons and invariably finding myself wanting. 1
15. An employee wanting a written statement may request one verbally or in writing. 1
16. An obscure Fidesz MP , Oszkar Molnar , complained last month about " Jewish capital wanting to devour Hungary " 1
17. And an information day is being planned for anyone wanting to learn more about the day care centre appeal. 1
18. And any woman wanting a baby should definitely think twice, because that really is an eternal bond. 1
19. And he may have acquired an added incentive for wanting to make a good showing. 1
20. And in the end, economists argue that changing your wants — that is, actually wanting to eat celery instead of a cupcake — is the most effective way to accomplish a goal. 1
21. And similar in early years, wanted to take off underclothing while seeing through, in the dark room etc. in a short while, his wanting the words stealing completely may attain at that time. 1
22. And, frankly, who can blame Jones for wanting to shake off the Starbucks stigmata? 1
23. Angela was very explicit about her reasons for wanting a divorce. 1
24. Any child wanting to join the after-school club should see Mrs Williams. 1
25. Any licence holder wanting to open beyond those guideline hours will have to appear personally before the board to argue special circumstances. 1
26. Any reader wanting the right detector to suit his pocket and plenty of sound advice is welcome to give me a ring. 1
27. Anyone wanting companies run by a self - serving , self - recruiting cabal could hardly improve on this incestuous system. 1
28. Anyone wanting further excitement could watch a man swallow and regurgitate a seven foot long chain! 1
29. Anyone wanting further information should contact John McIntosh on 031-557 4117. 1
30. Anyone wanting to buy a copy,(This website/wanting.html) only 100 were printed and of these twenty were sold on the day of publication. 1

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