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# Sentence Times
1. " I see fading flowers and I weep . The waning moon hurts my heart. 1
2. A shake-up in key leadership posts and waning popular support could prevent Mr. Putin's administration from carrying out overdue economic reforms or exercising fiscal discipline, some observers said. 1
3. Abingdon's trade had been waning for some time, with its fulling mills lying in ruins and unemployment rife by 1538. 1
4. An additional variable is that the moon can have varying degrees of intensity, depending where it is during its 29.5 day cycle of waxing and waning. 1
5. And his marvelous sun was waning apparently to a black eclipse. 1
6. But in the waning hours Saturday night, Cox came up big. 1
7. But Takeshita, in waning health and power in recent years, died in June. 1
8. But the US consumer's influence is waning – or being balanced. 1
9. But with his popularity waning and the economy temporarily faltering, Park was in trouble even in his own entourage. 1
10. By the late Thirties, eugenics was waning. 1
11. By the waning days of the Republic, only a few million Theelin pure - bloods and half - breeds survived. 1
12. By using the waning curve method, an adjustment method of the single circuit control system adjuster parameters is obtained. 1
13. Demand for these loans has waning, especially for the longer - term credit. 1
14. Don't make oaths lightly to the moon, for it is always waxing and waning. 1
15. Dragonflies dip and buzz, their prismatic wings turning the waning sunlight to diamonds. 1
16. Even in the final years of the Soviet Union, the managers were stepping into the void created by waning party power. 1
17. Expectations for waning inflation coincide with the anticipation of slower economic growth. 1
18. For the night is waning away ; and there flows a ruddier light throught the blood - colored panes. 1
19. Her enthusiasm for the expedition was waning rapidly. 1
20. Her enthusiasm for the whole idea was waning rapidly. 1
21. Her popularity clearly shows no sign of waning. 1
22. Her popularity was waning somewhat. 1
23. His strength is waning. 1
24. Historical Romances continued to appear throughout the century, waxing and waning in numbers and popularity as public taste dictated. 1
25. However, if we think of the waxing and waning of tonus as being either above or below some arbitrary level, we can simplify the situation considerably. 1
26. In a sport where 40% of runners are first-time participants, most won't make a lifestyle out of running marathons, because of waning interest, a busy schedule or vulnerability to injury. 1
27. In the waning light of the spring evening, play commences in the second-grade Fathers / Students League. 1
28. Inflation is expected to fall further, reflecting waning contributions from retail energy and food prices and the direct impact of the temporary reduction in Value Added Tax. 1
29. It is hoped too, that 30% to 40% growth in personal computer sales seen for 1993 will offset waning mainframe business. 1
30. It was that halcyon hour when the Angelus falls like a benediction upon the waning day. 1

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