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# Sentence Times
1. "there is phoenix tree in home , phoenix will come voluntarily", this will take a new turning point for company's transition . 0
2. A good many young men leave their jobs voluntarily. 1
3. After six weeks at Promises in Malibu, the 21-year-old checked out of the facility but will voluntarily wear an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet as part of an outpatient program. 1
4. After years of court-ordered desegregation , the school district will appear before the U. S. Supreme Court next Monday, arguing that it should be allowed to use the same system voluntarily . 1
5. All subjects had voluntarily given written informed consent before the start of the study. 1
6. Allstate is enforcing the action only in California, although the company has urged agents nationwide to become independent brokers voluntarily. 1
7. An uninhabited piece of city-sized land, provided voluntarily by a host government. 1
8. Any briber who confesses the bribery voluntarily prior to prosecution may be given a mitigated punishment or be exempted from punishment. 1
9. Any shipper or passenger who has voluntarily applied for insured transport of valued articles shall be entitled to an indemnity on a par with the actual loss but not exceeding the insured value. 1
10. Arbitrament and other disputes of the intermediation , litigation...etc. solve a mechanism to compare, having a following advantage:The first, the candor second, voluntarily sex. 1
11. As I was voluntarily unemployed, I wasn't entitled to benefit. 1
12. At that time, enough members paid their dues voluntarily to keep services going. 1
13. Authorities did not order an evacuation in the neighborhood, but several residents left voluntarily. 1
14. Back in August, on Friday the 13th, Goya issued a press release voluntarily recalling a mamey pulp product produced in Guatemala because of a potential health risk from Salmonella. 1
15. Being a very pious churchgoer, she visits church, rain and voluntarily takes part in every ceremony. 1
16. Between 30 and 50 percent of constituency management committees voluntarily consulted their full membership before casting their votes. 1
17. Bio Bio region in southern Chile Lota coal mines, 33 women voluntarily put himself in the 900 meters underground, to protest their dismissal. 1
18. But why did society voluntarily accept the constraints imposed by the gold standard? 1
19. But why should corrupt politicians voluntarily give up their powers of patronage and intervention? 1
20. By the age of 3 years most children can voluntarily initiate emptying a full bladder and later a partly full bladder. 1
21. By the age of 3 years most children can voluntarily initiate emptying a full bladder and later a partly full bladder.This website 1
22. Certainly one German bomber landed voluntarily in Devonshire. 1
23. Christ voluntarily put Himself in union with humanity living in a human body. 1
24. Creed stepped inside and closed both doors again, feeling as if he'd just voluntarily shut himself up in a cell. 1
25. Criminal elements who voluntarily surrender may be given a lesser punishment or a mitigated punishment. 1
26. Crooks get on top of the food chain and won't ever voluntarily release their strangleho od grasp of others. 1
27. Each of the protesters was told that they faced trespassing charges unless they left voluntarily. 1
28. Finally, section 555 ( b ) applies only to those compelled to appear, not those who appear voluntarily. 1
29. For the community to voluntarily city and county governments and the relevant departments donated funds for the protection of urban low-cost housing tax preferential policies. 1
30. Forty-three generations later, the mice descended from long distance runners are voluntarily running seven miles a day—three times as far as their lazy counterparts. 1





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