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1. "China's visibility is very high in trade and business but quite low in science and technology," said Kazhila Chinsembu, a molecular biologist at the University of Namibia. 1
2. A "whiteout" occurs when there is zero visibility during a blizzard. 1
3. A bright and sunny beach setting provides required visibility for Ultimate Frisbee players, helping them locate the Frisbee as it glides through the air. 1
4. A case study on an event with a tropical cyclone approaching Hong Kong is included to demonstrate the significance of meteorological conditions in determining the visibility and PM2.5 concentration. 1
5. A faint haze of heat-differential shimmered the lights of town but the thin mist meant visibility was quite good. 1
6. A few more skulls and monsters groaned their way into visibility and then sank back gratefully into unemployment. 1
7. A highly safe means of improving the visibility of a transparent tissue in eye such as vitreous body, crystal lens or cornea in operating the same. 1
8. A new highway visibility detecting system based on FIR filter is proposed, it consists of transmitter, receiver, control processor and PC component. 1
9. A variable field in a class is similar to a global or function variable, except that it is scoped to the class and it can have various attributes governing its visibility and usage. 1
10. According to Dalian Meteorological Observatory introduction, the southern city of Dalian, Port Arthur and other places, visibility of 50 meters, the most serious, only 30 meters. 1
11. Active bi - xenon headlamps are offered with the XC 90, providing increased visibility on dark, windy roads. 1
12. Affectionately, the documentary gives due to what gay visibility there was, even if gay characters met tragic ends. 1
13. Aforward scatter infrared visibility meter and its design meth - od are introduced. 1
14. After centuries of obscurity, the ancient faith of Zoroastrianism had a new visibility, and a symbolic standard to raise. 1
15. Airfield Navaid Lighting System is an essential part of an airfield. At night or bad visibility, it can help the pilot to take off and land the airplane and ensure the airplane safety. 1
16. Already visibility was so restricted that neighboring ships in the formation could scarcely see each other. 1
17. Alumni resources have the characteristics of definiteness and indefiniteness , visibility and invisibility, individuality and group identity. 1
18. And this very social visibility to the popular in Paris was registered in the city's characteristic aesthetic modernism. 1
19. Arc of visibility lira long - line fuzzy white luminous spot. What also is? 1
20. As an appendix, expression for escape sign, size of Graph and letter, colour, brightness, brightness contrast, visibility and apparent distance are also listed from technical requirements. 1
21. As head of the Red Cross, she has high visibility. 1
22. Avoid strong tides, offshore winds, poor visibility or sailing in the dark. 1
23. Based on analysis of area dividing and bend nesting of curve by the furthest visibility condition, a new generalization method of contour lines is proposed firstly. 1
24. Based upon James' model, a new concept of Fuzzy boundary of domain (FDD) is presented, and the simulating model of DCPA decision making in good visibility by means of fuzzy sets is established. 1
25. Because of decreased visibility and narrow field of vision in foggy weather, rear-end accidents often happen in highway. 1
26. Because of the deejays' visibility, young musicians also flocked to Gibson and company. 1
27. Because of the singleness and tediousness on representation, the traditional historical documentary lacks of visibility. 1
28. Being in a minority brings with it high visibility. 1
29. Being with me gave her more visibility, but then again, her talent also helped her create a career as a showgirl herself. 1
30. Beware of snow showers, because they can reduce visibility to a few yards, making a safe landing impossible. 1

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