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1. "Finally they are susceptible to parasitic infections especially a terrible disease called Kala-azar, otherwise known as visceral leishmaniasis. "Dr. 1
2. Accompanying the biochemical, metabolic, and visceral changes are a series of endocrine alterations. 1
3. Accompanying the biochemical, metabolic,(This website/biochemical.html) and visceral changes are a series of endocrine alterations. 1
4. According to the pathological features, this case belongs to the excystic visceral pentastomiasis. 1
5. AIM : To develop a simple and accurate technique for the diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) and identification of Leishmania pathogen. 1
6. AIM: To study the interactions between skin tactile and visceral nociceptive inputs in the ventroposterior lateral (VPL) nucleus of the rat thalamus. 1
7. All patient had severe cytopenia, and of which, 38cases were combined with visceral hemorrhage and12cases combined with bacterial or fungal infection. 1
8. And how does the visceral malaise affect the behavioral response to the intake of sapid solution? 1
9. At a single millimeter in thickness, the visceral pleura is barely half the width of the parietal pleura. 1
10. At present, anthroponotic visceral leishmaniasis has been controlled in most areas except Xinjiang. 1
11. BACKGROUND:The nucleus tractus solitarius(NTS) is one of the key relay stations of various visceral primary afferent information. 1
12. But environmentalism offers no economic theory, only a visceral dislike of any economic calculus. 1
13. But environmentalism offers no economic theory,(This website/environmentalism.html) only a visceral dislike of any economic calculus. 1
14. But for Florence a " visceral dread, a helpless disgust as palpable as seasickness " is overwhelming her. 1
15. But there will always be a visceral aspect to choosing a President. 1
16. Car sickness, nausea, airsickness and space motion sickness are due to the vestibular system abnormality activity leading the disorder of visceral function. 1
17. Chest CT scan showed diffuse masses on the visceral and parietal pleura. 1
18. College activists from poor communities will bring their wealthy classmates into a political arena that will give the issue added visceral appeal. 1
19. Conclusion Carbachol can improve visceral blood flow in rats with scalded injury, and it might be beneficial to the early treatment of burn shock. 1
20. Conclusions IPO is the rare but severe complication of SLE. The coexistence of IPO, ureterohydronephrosis and thickened gallbladder wall probably suggests a visceral smooth muscle dysmotility. 1
21. Conclusions The results indicate that neurons in ACG are involved in visceral pain perception. 1
22. Data of visceral leishmaniasis cases since 2005 were collected through the National Infectious Disease Monitoring System. 1
23. Dyspeptic Patients With visceral Hypersensitivity : Sensitisation of Pain Specific or Multimodal Pathways? 1
24. Face - honour and prestige - is a visceral issue in China. 1
25. Gastric or other visceral crises with severe pain are sometimes a part of the syndrome. 1
26. Genomic DNA sequencing and mapping of the exon-intron boundaries showed that the visceral isoform was the product of cassette-type alternative splicing. 1
27. had a major impact on the control of malaria, Chagas disease, visceral leishmaniasis and other tropical diseases. 1
28. Hepatocellular carcinoma is one of the most frequent visceral neoplasia worldwide and is and multistage pathogenesis. 1
29. Here, the pericardial cavity has been opened to reveal a fibrinous pericarditis with strands of stringy pale fibrin between visceral and parietal pericardium. 1
30. His approach to acting is visceral rather than intellectual. 1

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