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# Sentence Times
1. "The Viper" is one of the theme park's most popular attractions. 0
2. A close-up shows the watchful eye of a Gaboon viper, Africa's largest viper. 2
3. A Malayan pit viper has yielded a chemical that could treat stroke. 1
4. A nasty piece of work, vicious and venomous as a viper! 0
5. A venomous tropical American pit viper ( Bothrops atrox ) having brown and grayish markings. 1
6. Agkistrodon halys pallas belonging to viper family is only growing in China. 1
7. Also see pictures: "New Ruby-Eyed Pit viper Discovered." 1
8. And with a superior points difference, Vipers seem set to clinch promotion from Midlands Two West after three times finishing runners-up. 0
9. Annotated XML schema decomposition is a new feature introduced in DB2 viper. It has been written from scratch with new algorithms and mapping language. 1
10. Artificial raising of Pallas pit vipers had been studied with introducing wild viper and imitating natural conditions on Dahailin Forest Bureau of Heilongjiang Province from 1996-1998. 2
11. As this Gaboon viper strikes, the dying rat's heart pumps venom around its body. 1
12. Be careful of that viper; he is dangerous. 0
13. Conclusion The tongue grass of long-noded pit viper and hairyvein agrimony can suppress the growth of the large intestine cancer notably in the body. 1
14. Conclusions Treating acute cerebral infarction with the enzyme of the long-mode pit viper can significantly improve the patients' clinical symptoms, reduce the rate of deformity. 1
15. Dave Grohl played a surprise gig at the viper Room last month. 1
16. Do you know the difference between a puff adder and a gaboon viper? 1
17. Extremely venomous pit viper (genus Bothrops from cultivated lands to forests. 1
18. Extremely venomous pit viper (genus Bothrops), found in diverse tropical American habitats, from cultivated lands to forests. 1
19. FRONT-ROW power has taken the Leicestershire club Vipers to the brink of a league and a cup double. 0
20. Grace believes that if we could somehow replicate the extremely sensitive infrared sensors of the pit viper, it might be possible to detect very small temperature changes in parts of the human body. 1
21. He unwarily treads upon a viper asleep just before his feet. 1
22. He was half tempted to call Penumbra himself and demand she come and collect this viper immediately. 1
23. However viper Sting exploited that weakness to a very punishing degree. 1
24. In folk Urtica cannabina L. is used to treat arthritis and joint muscular rheumatism, postpartum palpitation, infantile convulsion, urticaria, viper bites and so on. 1
25. It is like a plastered wall where vipers have crawled; like a plastered wall where the scorpions have made their nest. It is like a whited sepulchre full of loathsome things. 1
26. Lifting up its small triangular head, the viper licked the air as if to write some-thing with its forked tongue. 1
27. Mt. 23:33 Serpents ! Brood of vipers ! How shall you escape the judgment of Gehenna? 1
28. Nor friends to vipers, if you please. 1
29. On the point of being injected with a Phobian viper venom, moreover. 1
30. One of the serious complications of viperine bite is renal failure. 1

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