Vetoed Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use vetoed, so you can learn how to use vetoed in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word vetoed here, and see the words sound like or similar to vetoed

# Sentence Times
1. A proposed statewide ban on the guns was vetoed by Gov. 1
2. Archer suggested many of the reforms sought by Clinton were in the seven-year balanced budget package vetoed by the president. 1
3. Bill Clinton vetoed the balanced budget. 1
4. But Clinton said he vetoed that bill, partly because Republicans removed restrictions on corporate raids on pension funds. 1
5. But Clinton said he vetoed that bill,(This website/partly.html) partly because Republicans removed restrictions on corporate raids on pension funds. 1
6. But President Tyler did not. He vetoed the bank bill and sent it back to Congress. 1
7. Clinton already has vetoed one farm bill contained in omnibus balanced-budget legislation. 1
8. Clinton on April 10 vetoed a bill that would have banned so-called partial birth abortions. 1
9. Congress is acting on separate farm legislation after Clinton vetoed an omnibus budget bill that included language on agricultural policy. 1
10. De Gaulle had abruptly vetoed it. 1
11. De Gaulle vetoed Britain's application to join the EEC. 1
12. European plans to deregulate air fares were vetoed by Spain. 1
13. Fife Symington vetoed a bill that would have given the Insurance Department the power to investigate and fine managed-care plans. 1
14. From her tree toad bower with her three - toed power the she - toad vetoed him. 1
15. Governor Jeanne Shaheen vetoed the New Hampshire abolition law as soon as it was passed. 1
16. His unwillingness to cooperate vetoed every proposal I made. 1
17. I have vetoed other business arrangements you have cooked up - nothing new about that! 1
18. I vetoed the idea on the grounds that Firecracker would spot the deception in two seconds. 1
19. I wanted to go camping but the others quickly vetoed that idea. 1
20. In 1961, President De Gaulle vetoed Britain's entry into the Common Market. 1
21. In 1993, Wilson vetoed routine enabling legislation to keep the advertising program going. 1
22. It was the desire of both the Congress and the administration to reach an agreement that would not be vetoed. 1
23. Jenny wanted to invite all her friends, but I quickly vetoed that idea . 1
24. Last year, Weld proposed a $ 25 million budget cut, then vetoed a $ 19 million budget increase. 1
25. On Tuesday, Symington vetoed a bill that would have allowed judges to increase prison sentences for hate crimes. 1
26. Other contract proposals are languishing in the Senate, and Clinton has either vetoed or threatened to veto the rest. 1
27. Plans for the dam have been vetoed by the Environmental Protection Agency. 1
28. President Bill Clinton vetoed that, and proposed instead some small tax credits and tax deductions for higher education. 1
29. President Bush vetoed federal funds for research in the United States. 1
30. President Bush vetoed the bill on July 6. 1





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