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# Sentence Times
1. "It would be irresponsible for the president to veto this legislation," Boehner told reporters. 1
2. A committee headed by Representative John Quincy Adams reported that the President had misused the veto power, but the resolution failed. 1
3. A further concession to Quebec was the provision that any single province could veto future changes to federal institutions. 1
4. A proposed statewide ban on the guns was vetoed by Gov. 1
5. A single member country can veto a new entrant. 1
6. A subsequent vote in the Senate failed to achieve the two-thirds majority necessary to overturn a presidential veto. 1
7. A two-thirds majority is needed to override a veto. 1
8. Accordingly, on Oct. 22, Bush carried out his threat to veto the bill. 1
9. Accordingly, on Oct. 22,(This website/22.html) Bush carried out his threat to veto the bill. 1
10. Although that would reduce the union block vote more drastically than other options, it would also give both sides a veto. 1
11. Although the chief executive can veto legislation, the legislature can override that veto. 2
12. An abstention is not regarded as a veto. 1
13. An override of the veto appears unlikely. 1
14. And Dole backed a constitutional amendment proposed by Reagan to create a line-item budget veto for presidents. 1
15. And throughout they dominated the State Council, the upper house endowed with effective veto powers over Duma proposals. 1
16. And while that makes him a lame duck, he still has his veto pen and his bully pulpit. 1
17. Appending a veto control and a gate signal amplifier in the circuit, MCA can be operated in both pile-up rejection mode and anticoincidence mode. 1
18. Archer suggested many of the reforms sought by Clinton were in the seven-year balanced budget package vetoed by the president. 1
19. As in the 29 other instances, an attempt by Congress to override the veto failed to muster the required two-thirds majority. 1
20. At home, he has the veto pen, control of the Senate and the bully pulpit. 1
21. At issue is the makeup of the Security Council's membership, who veto power, regional representation. 1
22. Authors should have the power of veto over blurbs - the book deserved a better one than this. 1
23. Bill Clinton vetoed the balanced budget. 1
24. But China and Russia, who have veto power in the Security Council, oppose against Iran. 1
25. But Clinton said he vetoed that bill, partly because Republicans removed restrictions on corporate raids on pension funds. 1
26. But Clinton said he vetoed that bill,(This website/partly.html) partly because Republicans removed restrictions on corporate raids on pension funds. 1
27. But Fidel is still likely to exercise a veto power behind the scenes. 1
28. But if Clinton vetoes the spending bill because of other disagreements, the Headwaters purchase becomes far less certain this year. 1
29. But President Clinton has threatened a veto if it contains the Gallegly amendment. 1
30. But President Tyler did not. He vetoed the bank bill and sent it back to Congress. 1




vetoes (plural noun)

  - a constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body.


vetoes (third person present) · vetoed (past tense) · vetoed (past participle) · vetoing (present participle)

  - exercise a veto against (a decision or proposal made by a law-making body).


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