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1. A caudal ventral midline coeliotomy from umbilicus to pubis should be performed. 1
2. A complicating factor is uncertainty surrounding the choice of axisymmetric exhaust nozzle geometry and ventral strakes in the long term. 1
3. A dorsiventrally flattened structure has flat dorsal and ventral surfaces and very narrow lateral surfaces. 1
4. A few cell bodies and processes in the two newly found nuclei, the area ventral to the motor trigeminal nucleus (AVM, were also labeled. 1
5. a fish's ventral fin. 1
6. A neurochemical called dopamine is released from the ventral tegmental area into the caudate nucleus. 1
7. According to Dehaene, this ventral pathway is turned on by "routinized, familiar passages" of prose, and relies on a bit of cortex known as visual word form area (VWFA). 1
8. Activity in the ventral striatum surged , in an apparent sign of the sexual appetite being sharpened. 1
9. AIM: To investigate whether the ventral subiculum (VSUB) lesions can release the drug craving from drug addicted rats. 1
10. All the patients were treated in the prone position, with the shock waves entering from the ventral side. 1
11. Annular pancreas is a rare congenital abnormality resulting from a fusion anomaly of the bilobed ventral pancreatic bud, with the dorsal bud and associated duodenal migration. 1
12. Another area that lit up: the ventral tegmental, which produces dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter that affects pleasure and motivation. 1
13. Anterior ( ventral, Front ) Nearer to the front of the body is anterior. 1
14. As a result we find cystic destruction ventrally and residual fibrosis mostly ventral lung areas. 2
15. At caudal hypo-thalamus level, it runs in ventral tegmental area and a region between medial lemniscus and cerebral peduncle. 1
16. Bet you didn't think about the caudate and the ventral tegmental areas, did you? 1
17. Bodies elongate-cylindrical and black overall; ventral surfaces may be covered with yellow setae. 1
18. Can't Get Enough of Your Love: Dopamine is produced in the ventral tegmental area of the brain, the same region affected by addictive drugs like cocaine. 1
19. Conclusi on:The firing of ventral pallidal neurons is excited prominently from morphine in the morphine dependent rats. ventral pallidum has an important role in drug reward. 2
20. Conclusion Rabbits vasal ligation that is distant from the scrotum and epididymis via a ventral midline incision could lessen surgical trauma and reduce early post-operational complications. 1
21. Conclusion: MRI showed cerebellar hemisphere, ventral pons, middle cerebelllar peduncles and olive atrophies in OPCA patients. 1
22. Conclusion: MRI showed cerebellar hemisphere, ventral pons, middle cerebelllar peduncles and olive atrophies in OPCA patients.This website 1
23. Conclusion:New paraspinal pathway of quadriceps femoris can be established by L1-L3 spinal ventral roots anastomosis after spinal cord injury at L2 level hemitransection in rats. 1
24. Conclusion:One stage operation by tubularized longitudinal flap ventrally transferred from hood foreskin is a simple, effective and credible surgical method for hypospadias. 1
25. Conclusion. These data show that, in humans and in quadrupeds , the thoracic spine is less rotationally stable under dorsal shear loads than under ventral shear loads. 1
26. Conclusions: Delayed reimplantation of avulsion ventral root can enhance motoneuron survival and regeneration. 1
27. Confirmed by experiment, Radial Glia can generate virtually all cortical projection neurons but not the interneurons originating in the ventral telencephalon. 1
28. Degenerating fibers were found in the ventral part of the contralateral dorsal funiculus and the medial part of the ipsilateral ventral funiculus. 2
29. Discrete ventral disease with anterior osteophytes and disk herniations should be approached ventrally for adequate decompression and preservation of the neural elements. 2
30. Dopamine neurons in parts of the midbrain, such as the ventral tegmental area and substantia nigra pars compacta, play a vital role in the expectation of reward. 1

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