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# Sentence Times
1. 'And if I say no?' she ventured. 1
2. 'And who is Dinah, if I might venture to ask the question?' said the Lory. 1
3. 'Hold your tongue, Beadle, ' said the second old gentleman, when Mr. Bumble had given vent to this compound adjective. 1
4. 'The sound you just heard was the IPO window slamming shut, ' wrote Geoff Yang, a partner at venture capital firm Redpoint ventures in Menlo Park, Calif., in a Twitter message Monday. 2
5. 'You're on holiday here?' he ventured. 1
6. " In studying Predictive, a venture-backed, "pee-in-a-cup, " cancer diagnostic testing company, students ask themselves whether lean startup principles are applicable at all. 1
7. "And you mother is an Indian, "said Lady Jane, drawing her bow at a venture. " 1
8. "If anyone would like to vent their frustration at the delay by blowing the crap out of me with mines I'll be available for games. " he added. 1
9. "In Europe, venture capitalists opened their wallets a little wider in the fourth quarter," said Arno Castanet, research manager in Dow Jones ventureSource's London office. 2
10. "It sounds great, " I ventured without hesitation, all the while feeling as if I'd signed on to cross dangerous borders using false papers. 1
11. "Just a few hundred years ago it was unimaginably terrifying to venture into , " Winchester says. 1
12. "So you're Leo's girlfriend?" he ventured. 1
13. "Those are the two horses that are out in front today," Neil Rimer, co-founder of Index Ventures, said at the Reuters Global Technology Summit in Paris this week. 0
14. A 72 year old man with ischaemic heart disease and poor ventricular function was admitted to hospital after collapsing at home. 1
15. A assemble of teens and a stager natator verify a agency activate from Ventura, CA to the San Fernando Valley in visit to agency downbound a prized taken surfboard. 0
16. A bodily cavity or chamber, especially either of the upper chambers of the heart that receives blood from the veins and forces it into a ventricle. 1
17. A brief introduction of the - conditioning & ventilation system and automatic control system in high - temperature test room. 1
18. A bug for efficiency, he felt that the waste of money and effort on doomed irrigation ventures was a scandal. 1
19. A canister purge valve is opened periodically to vent the vapor back into induction system. 1
20. A caudal ventral midline coeliotomy from umbilicus to pubis should be performed. 1
21. A ceiling fan can help ventilation but can also incorporate lighting and be decorative. 1
22. A chest radiograph was normal, but a ventilation-perfusion lung scan showed a matched defect in the right lower lobe. 1
23. A Chinese and a Japanese auto maker agreed to form a joint venture to produce cars. 1
24. A Chinese and a Japanese auto maker agreed to from a joint venture to produce cars. 1
25. A club statement reads: "Gwyn Williams who has been with the Company for over 25 years, including as Assistant Manager and latterly as Chief Scout, has decided to leave to pursue new ventures." 1
26. A complicating factor is uncertainty surrounding the choice of axisymmetric exhaust nozzle geometry and ventral strakes in the long term. 1
27. A computerized remote centralized monitoring system for underground ventilation of multistage fan stations is presented. 1
28. A cross section through the heart reveals a ventricular aneurysm with a very thin wall at the arrow. Note how the aneurysm bulges out. 1
29. A detailed US examination using a 3.5-MHz transabdominal probe demonstrated a fused single ventricle, a fused thalami, a cleft lip and palate, and the absence of falx cerebri in her fetus. 1
30. A direct-acting vent valve is tightest when tank pressures are 75 percent or less of set pressure. 1




vents (plural noun)

  - an opening that allows air, gas, or liquid to pass out of or into a confined space.

  - the expression or release of a strong emotion, energy, etc..


vents (third person present) · vented (past tense) · vented (past participle) · venting (present participle)

  - give free expression to (a strong emotion).

  - provide with an outlet for air, gas, or liquid.


vents (plural noun)

  - a slit in a garment, especially in the lower edge of the back of a coat through the seam.


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