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# Sentence Times
1. 'Monsieur the Marquis , vendor of wine.'. 1
2. "Fortune Telling Madman", "Monster Vending Machine" and "Pie Off to Our Bosses"...Our colleagues tried every means to develop interesting games to raise money. 0
3. "Organisations' plans need to be based on a prioritisation of applications and data, " says David Luff, senior vice-president for software engineering at vendor CA. 1
4. "Take care of yourself, captain, " said a vendor selling surgical masks for an Egyptian pound (about 17 cents). 1
5. "Thais prefer to eat their own crops such as chili and other vegetables," vendor Somalin said. 1
6. A 360-degree tour of Du Du's intersection now runs past a row of tents, buckled homes, a trash heap and vendors in tilted shacks. 1
7. A big reason that UNIX administration is challenging is that every UNIX vendor believes standards are for weak-minded fools. 1
8. A deposit paid by the purchaser under it cannot be claimed back, so long as the vendor is willing to perform. 1
9. A different form of vending machine is that providing a service. 1
10. A few militant members of the crowd attacked the vendor. 1
11. A file photo of a Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper vending machine in Philadelphia, Nov. 30, 2006. 1
12. A full and lengthy product comparison is not feasible, and it would not be credible given the fact that this article is published on the site of a vendor of an XML database solution. 1
13. A hat-trick 0 f tries by the winger David Vendi Was the key to victory. 0
14. A hot dog vendor may be a cash-only business, but for reasons everyone understands.) Beware of businesses that sell big-ticket items like TVs, cruises or cars but doesn't accept cards. 1
15. A Kashmiri roadside vendor prepares snacks at a market during a cold evening in Srinagar on Jan. 10. 1
16. A mere certification of suitability from the vendor, for example, is inadequate. 1
17. A news vendor on Fuwai Street in Beijing said that magazines about luxury trends are priced up to 25 yuan ($3.80), while news magazines usually cost 10 yuan. 1
18. A purchaser would have to locate and commence proceedings against all vendors. 1
19. A second goal for Azul is to see a commercial product comprising of optimised Linux and OpenJDK, though this will depend on vendor participation and support. 1
20. A stand lord of river shore road says to the reporter, contra says in former years, this year's"blessing" monogram article is good friends with venditio to get polypeptide. 1
21. A street vendor dressed as Minnie Mouse sells balloons by Puerta del Sol Square's Christmas tree in Madrid. 1
22. A vendor at the Makishi public market in the town of Naha offers a sample of daikon to a potential customer. 1
23. A vendor managed inventory (VMI) mathematical model to compute upper-level inventory arid delivery cycle is built. 1
24. A watch vendor works within the confines of his hand-painted pushcart on a street in Kabul, Afghanistan. 1
25. A Yemeni vendor sells hats and scarves at the site of a demonstration by anti-government protestors demanding the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in Sanaa, Yemen, April 14, 2011. 1
26. Above : There are lots fresh orange juice vender in Lima , almost one beside another. 1
27. Across the busy plaza, vendors sell hot dogs and croissant sandwiches. 1
28. Added Thawing Potions to vendor inventories in Act IV and Act V. 1
29. After a Tunisian vendor was banned by local police, he could not stand it and resorted to self-immolation. 1
30. After all, the original hardware vendor may have additional information that developers of a general-purpose BIOS wouldn't have. 1

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