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# Sentence Times
1. "Growing Pains" is at least her fourth album in a row to be accompanied by a round of interviews that find her vaunting a newfound sense of self and some measure of hard-earned happiness. 1
2. A vaunter and a liar are near akin.  1
3. Above all, TV ad must be practical and realistic, must not exaggerated, vaunting, hit consumerofedge ball misdirect. 1
4. AN Editor who was always vaunting the purity, enterprise, and fearlessness of his paper was pained to observe that he got no subscribers. 1
5. And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people that are with thee are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, Mine own hand hath saved me. 1
6. Britain's vaunted Parliament couldn't check this slide toward subjugation, Ferguson believed. 1
7. But now this much vaunted initiative has foundered because there is little or no market interest in redevelopment. 1
8. But what is this vaunted information currency? 1
9. Even the vaunted Tyrannosaurus rex probably had a downy coat. 1
10. For the rest I do not intend to spend more words on this subject in order not to vaunt my own mediocrity above my teacher and master or above the fathers. 1
11. He raised his battle axe, and rising in his stirrups cut down the vaunting foe. 1
12. He's got the socio-political conscience, theatrical vision, globalised perspective and unquestionably the vaunting creativity. 1
13. Here in Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, each new tremor rattles the collective psyche of a city that escaped serious physical damage but has lost its vaunted joie de vivre. 1
14. His vaunted new scheme has been shown to have serious weaknesses. 1
15. However, their vaunted credentials as representatives of the opposition were questioned by commentators. 1
16. If Dole figures out how to take his vaunted inside political skills public, watch out. 1
17. It's one of life's great misfortunes that vaunted enemies didn't have Twitter around as a weapon. 1
18. Keep accurate and true, avoid to be full of excessive and vaunting the article with disloyal word, also should be far from cogged to searching engine foolish content of course con. 1
19. Modern consumers evaluated the store not on the basis of its vaunted reputation, but on what it offered them today. 1
20. Nevertheless, the vaunted Spartan army was defeated by Thebes in 371 BC at the Battle of Leuctra. 1
21. No matter how people vaunt an own great activity, they are usually just the outcomes of opportunity, rather than a great intention of result. 1
22. Nonetheless, the film would be just too mild and miniature were it not for its one, vaunting thrust of fanciful wit. 1
23. Nor could the vaunted irrigation scheme be described as an unqualified success. 1
24. Simpson's much vaunted discoveries are in fact commonplace in modern sociology. 1
25. Surely the economic regeneration of the area was a priority, without which much vaunted training schemes were somewhat pointless. 1
26. That's something that not even the vaunted U.S. medical research establishment can do by itself. 1
27. The country's vaunted educational system is not as good as once thought. 1
28. The much vaunted working families tax credit gives £207 a week to those with one parent in full-time work. 1
29. The problem is that to vaunt modernisation, which implies that technological successes will make Russia a great world power again, is to set the wrong priority. 1
30. The tubercular character was vaunted as sensitive, creative, a being apart. 1

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