Vanished Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use vanished, so you can learn how to use vanished in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word vanished here, and see the words sound like or similar to vanished

# Sentence Times
1. 'The ghosts that vanished when the wicket closed. 1
2. A family hooked on the board game Cluedo found Asha'a body in Somerset last week, 14 years after she vanished. 1
3. A few flakes of snow floated past the deck and vanished in the water. 1
4. A few minutes later she had vanished beneath the waves amidst a vast pall of smoke. 1
5. A figure in fluttering black emerged, then vanished. 1
6. A flutter of a flitting touch brushed me and vanished in a moment, like a torn flower petal blown in the breeze. 1
7. A grudge has not yet vanished. 1
8. A jump beyond time could perhaps explain how and why the Protoculture vanished, although our own continued existence would seem to contraindicate it. 1
9. A kingfisher flashed across the water, the fish vanished, leaving the duckweed. 1
10. A portrait he drew of Madame Decrucq coming home from the pit has since vanished. 1
11. A thin strand of smoke swept back over Ezra and vanished in the wind. 1
12. A throng of newsmen, accompanied by their photographers, left the hall in pursuit of the vanished Amaranth. 1
13. A woman friend saw her driving out of town a few minutes later; after that she just vanished into thin air. 1
14. About 70 sewer lids, made from cast iron, have vanished since last Thursday in the southern city of Charleroi, an official at the town hall's construction department said. 1
15. Abruptly, the pale fire sank and vanished, leaving only the glare from the ruins. 1
16. After years at the top, she just vanished from the scene. 1
17. All constraints had vanished and the two awkward teenagers on a blind date began to talk. 1
18. All her yesterdays had vanished without a trace. 1
19. All hopes of a peaceful settlement had now vanished. 1
20. All my resolve during my walks along the Seine to become detached from my family vanished in an instant. 1
21. All thoughts of her had vanished in the midst of his hunger pangs and coughing fits. 1
22. All thoughts of leaving vanished from his mind. 1
23. All thoughts of romance vanished from his mind. 1
24. Amiri, a nuclear physicist in his 30 s, vanished in June 2009. 1
25. And Britain's military capability-marginally useful to us during the Gulf war-has vanished with successive budget cuts. 1
26. And some times a ship just vanished, like a plane off a radar screen. 1
27. And there would be a great sadness if it vanished, because it has become part of feline history. 1
28. And when he had said this, the buffoon vanished; Zarathustra, however, went on through the dark streets. 0
29. And, as if the gloom of the earth and sky had been but the effluence of these two mortal hearts, it vanished with their sorrow. 1
30. Anne vanished from outside her home last Wednesday. 1

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