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# Sentence Times
1. A new magnetostriction material boring bar is presented for precision finishing of different types of odd-shaped pinholes, and structural optimization and test validation are carried out. 1
2. A session cookie in conjunction with a random auth token or auth login validation is both reasonable mechanisms. 1
3. A similar validation happens when the incident record is being moved into the Closed state since the Quality Assurance team may create a new work request to track their work effort. 1
4. A washed-up wrestler looks for redemption in the eyes of his daughter, love with a stripper and validation in his sport. 1
5. According to MOR, they were tested using 10-fold cross validation with two real world data sets, and compared with Bayesian network classifier based on MPE. 1
6. According to Wang, in 2008 the UK extended the validation time for the Post Study Worker (PSW) visa from one year to two years. 1
7. Adding XPath expressions to the exception message, as shown in Listing 7, results in a more detailed description of the validation failure, which greatly simplifies locating the problem. 1
8. Additional code is required to implement required validations that augment the schema checks. 1
9. Additional microbiological monitoring is also required outside production operations, e. g. after validation of systems, cleaning and sanitisation . 1
10. After you instantiate the validation object you need to add rules to fields. 1
11. All articles in the publication passed data validation ( rowcount and checksum ). 1
12. All sources of conjecture are welcome, provided that science is then utterly strict about the logic of validation. 1
13. Although our method of classification is novel and requires further validation, the main findings were unaffected by choice of diagnostic criteria. 1
14. Although the validation control is a very widespread idiom, most such controls can be improved. 1
15. And I had coin in the bank, tangible validation for a hard-fought career. 1
16. And, although the rules and the structure are separated, they are in the same document, making it easy to get a bird's-eye view of the overall validation requirements. 1
17. Archiving the document about metrology and validation. 1
18. Arithmetic debugging and validation is actualized base on the CCS environment. 1
19. As the fundamental layer of the trustworthy next-generation Internet architecture, the source address validation is an important research topic. 1
20. As the validation of these factors is of significance for disclosing mechanisms of globin gene switching, we hope that our work could contribute to this target. 1
21. At last, we use convergent and discriminant validation to the research outcome. 1
22. Automatic Data validation - To ensure the data encoded adheres to industry specifications. 1
23. Based on our experience with the OTMPS, we do see a new design -- Business Process, which could become a composite pattern after further validation. 1
24. Based on the modeling and experimental validation of the hydropneumatic spring, a nonlinear model of special vehicle active hydropneumatic suspension was developed. 1
25. Basic validation and well-formedness checking is about as far as it goes. 1
26. Battelle and its subcontractors will perform logistics verification and validation in the form of initial, in-progress, and final inspections on thousands of pieces of Army equipment per year. 1
27. Because these are trusted system classes, the bootstrap loader skips much of the validation that gets done for normal (untrusted) classes. 1
28. Birthtales became an expression and validation of birth, an often neglected aspect of life in Western culture. 1
29. But there may be times when a database or application person wants to check a given XML document or documents for well-formedness or validation prior to inserting into DB2. 1
30. By FLUENT hydro-simulation soft, the wind flowing in the gob area is simulated and further analysis and validation is made about the mechanism of gas effusing and its prevention by air screen . 1





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