Vacillation Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. Although the increase was understandable given the Government's vacillation, it made ministers even less willing to intervene. 1
2. Any vacillation or procrastination, any contrary policy, is absolutely wrong. 1
3. But for his weakness and vacillation, peasant unrest and working-class militancy could have been kept in check by efficient and unwavering repression. 1
4. But nervousness and vacillation over direct state intervention was more than just a problem of administration. 1
5. Given Angela Merkel's central role, perhaps we should not have been surprised at the vacillation. 1
6. He accused President Carter of vacillation and retreat. 1
7. His constant vacillation made him an unfit administrator. 1
8. His constant vacillation make him an unfit administrator. 1
9. It first come with the particularity of melody and vacillation in two inflexion. 1
10. Once again my efforts to organize an effective war economy had been ruined by Hitler's vacillation. 1
11. Oppose all vacillation and compromise. 1
12. That is why we look to the depths of history and recall this country's century - long vacillation. 1
13. The computation results show that vacillation has a significant effect on falling film absorption in a vertical tube with TFE/NMP solution. 1
14. The first major teen icon whose work is grounded not in anticipation and impatience, but vacillation, resignation and looking back. 1
15. Their melancholy shows their fighting spirit, as well as their weakness and vacillation. 1
16. Then, after this disturbance, whether Sun Jihai's force position will have the vacillation answer cannot. 1
17. There are, no doubt, some circumstances where firm action is urgently necessary and where vacillation or debate would be fatal. 1
18. There must be no mistake, no vacillation or dallying because of her own smallness of mind. 1
19. They will draw lessons from their vacillation. 1
20. This vacillation between different approaches showed in other ways. 1
21. Unnecessary vacillation will only be a waste of time. 1
22. We are vexed by too much inconsistency and vacillation in our creed. 1
23. We should adhere to the Basic line for a hundred years, with no vacillation. 1
24. What supporters see as empathy, these critics depict as weakness and vacillation. 1
25. When Grandcourt languidly presents his proposal. her vacillation intrigues him. 1
26. You are expected to answer the call with immediate actions and not with vacillation. 1
27. Your creative potential exists with a high probability of being sabotaged by fear, vacillation, and self - doubt. 1

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