Vacillating Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use vacillating, so you can learn how to use vacillating in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word vacillating here, and see the words sound like or similar to vacillating

# Sentence Times
1. A rainy night, like the grass of wall mood and fleet, vacillating. 1
2. A vacillating person finds it hard to make up his mind. 1
3. But Dole accused Clinton of being a weak leader and vacillating in his dealings with some countries. 1
4. Falling film absorption with TFE/NMP solution in a static vertical tube and that in a vacillating tube are investigated respectively. 1
5. He is vacillating between leaving and staying on. 1
6. I follow the stone steps up , ho , vacillating at first , I pace to and fro. 1
7. In a vacillating economy it is impossible to calculate resource allotment. 1
8. Modern character is inconstant, divided, vacillating. 1
9. Oh, do stop vacillating and make up your mind! 1
10. Oh(This website do stop vacillating and make up your mind! 1
11. People are limited and rational to the effective way which realizes one's own intention and equalization point in vacillating now to the left, now to the right in thinking and behaviour. 1
12. Second, a chairman may serve as a powerful behind-the-scene force and push an otherwise vacillating president to adopt a certain foreign policy. 1
13. She is vacillating between hope and fear. 1
14. Table 1 - 6 illustrates the EPA's vacillating overall budget. 1
15. Ten thousand Jus in the coffin absorb Suo Suo, than that village inside's most simple and crude grass shed Mr. the vacillating Ju still want in the middle of the Ci cesspit disgusted must and doubly. 1
16. The lack of opportunity is ever the excuse of a weak, vacillating mind. 1
17. The man I love has just destroyed us and I wake up, vacillating between suicide and murder. 1
18. The national bourgeoisie is a class which is politically very weak and vacillating. 1
19. The on all sides wheat wave dashes about vacillating, continue long toward unknowable far away place. 1
20. The vacillating vamp, as I so aptly said: do I phone her? 1
21. The voters are vacillating between the two candidates. 1
22. The way he comments contradictorily in the middle of something shows that he himself is vacillating. 1
23. Theirs is a vacillating attitude. 1
24. There are three kinds of patriotism, genuine patriotism, sham patriotism, and half - genuine and half - sham, vacillating, patriotism. 1
25. These two sounds vacillating. 1
26. These vacillating elements are opportunistic. 1
27. These visceral, vacillating lanes, nooks and crannies were his ethical nursery. 1
28. Total gloom and foolish optimism - these are the moods between which I keep vacillating. 1

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