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# Sentence Times
1. " He envisioned young Unitarians populating intellectual "shock troops" to combat fantasies of an instant postwar utopia. 1
2. A city of central New York east-northeast of Syracuse. The Oneida Community, a Utopian society established in 848 by John Humphrey Noyes, was nearby. 0
3. A complete absence of national border controls is as utopian today as the vision of world government. 1
4. A creative person is neither a utopianist nor an unthoughtful daredevil. 1
5. A: Chance and luck will be a factor in Darcy's utopia, as elsewhere. 1
6. A: Yes, Darcy's utopia will be a secular society. 1
7. According to Xun Zi's utopia all under heaven submits to one ruler. 1
8. All Utopias that have hitherto been constructed are intolerably dull. 0
9. An idealistic, almost Utopian document, it defines Bolivia, wordily, as "a United Social State of Plurinational Communitarian Law". 0
10. And all of this is inevitable, for Utopians are ill at ease at the sharp end of politics. 0
11. And in fact, the isolation and weakness of the radical milieu put a premium upon commitment to an unqualified utopia. 1
12. And it obviously betrayed, he believed, my own silly utopianism. 1
13. And we can disproof the political meaning of utopia through analyzing the defects of the criticism of the anti-Utopianism to utopia. 2
14. And we can disproof the political meaning of utopia through analyzing the defects of the criticism of the anti-Utopianism to utopia. This website 2
15. And what of the larger future of AI? Optimists, such as Raymond Kurzweil in The Singularity is Near, foresee an AI utopia in which human and machine intelligence combine. 1
16. Animal Farm . George Orwell . Mutinous farm animals run off their oppressor to establish a livestock utopia. 1
17. Anti - Utopian literature is a parody of Utopian literature. 0
18. As a consequence, the psychological background behind his literary creation forever determines him as a hesitant romancer, a utopia-like romance experimentalist. 0
19. As in Darcy's utopia, in the future we aspire to. 1
20. As long as we jump out of the preconceived idea can we find that the existence of the thought of aesthetic utopia of the School of Frankfurt has its own rationality unique value. 1
21. As their emphasis is on this world, they cling to the belief that man is morally perfectible and that utopia on earth is achievable. 1
22. At some time, most of us have engaged in a discussion about the possibility of a utopian society. 1
23. Beauvoir's utopian ideal is the reciprocity and comradeship between men and women. 1
24. Belief in utopian progress is increasingly seen as a delusion. 1
25. But a distinction between the myths of Utopias and of heavens is worth making. 0
26. But again, perhaps problematically, they are beautiful statues – inspiring, optimistic, and utopian; totems to the radiant future that was always promised, but never quite arrived. 1
27. But no utopia is perfect, and this one had two blemishes. 1
28. But the flipside of utopia, dystopia, has also been a fertile undercurrent of modernity. 1
29. But the utopia of machine-independence may not ultimately appear on the custodial atlas of the future. 1
30. By contrast, Dali has never explicitly claimed to be utopia—but this low-key lack of self-promotion is the very reason many fans find it a paradise. 0

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