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# Sentence Times
1. A dark comedy about a lowly street urchin who grows up to become the greatest fighter pilot of WWI. 1
2. A fine, sharp projection, as a spine a sea urchin or a crystal. 1
3. A fine, sharp projection, as a spine of a sea urchin or a crystal. 1
4. A name for a street urchin; from the angelic look on the faces of some urchin. 1
5. A nontoxic dye highlights water currents surrounding sea urchins off Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 1
6. A nontoxic dye highlights water currents surrounding sea urchins off Vancouver Island, British Columbia. These small, spiny echinoderms are found in oceans all over the world. 1
7. A sea urchin is nestled in a coral formation off Bonaire Island. 1
8. A street urchin named Aladdin falls in love with Princess Jasmine , who is sick of her sheltered life. 1
9. Add sea urchin on top of the taglierini. 1
10. Also infesting this domain are the dramatically spiny sea urchins. 1
11. An elf and an urchin, she had seen Holly. 1
12. An orthodontist's dream, an Atlantic wolffish displays the hardware it uses to crush mollusks, shellfish, and sea urchins. 1
13. An urchin girl stood there, wrapped in a huge shawl. 1
14. An urchin showed her which tenement house was his. 1
15. An urchin who had frequently seen him before, stopped to gaze. 1
16. And harvesting of triggerfish in Kenya's reefs allowed sea urchin populations to boom, leading to increased coral erosion. 1
17. But missing among the sea urchin genes are some genes found in flies and worms. 1
18. But please, hold the sea urchin. 1
19. But such a mechanism would not explain the increase in nuclear calcium that occurs following activation of lymphocytes or sea urchin eggs. 1
20. But the same urchins along the walk from the strip back up the rise toward the quarters, the same characterless sleep. 1
21. Carpenter says he looks forward to the day when both urchins and parrotfish share the task of clearing way for baby coral. 1
22. Cassiduloid sea urchin, Pygurus costatus, Jurassic. 1
23. Cranston turned and flicked his fingers at the urchin. 1
24. D. , Pliny the Elder wrote of using sea urchin ashes to treat baldness. 1
25. Dastan, a street urchin, is adopted by King Sharaman because he shows "great courage" standing up to guards who threaten one of his orphan friends. 1
26. Each urchin was placed in an otherwise empty, well-lighted tank and presented with two disk sizes, first a disk 2.3 inches (6 centimeters wide. 1
27. Echinoderms, like starfish, urchins and sea-cucumbers can be found here. 1
28. Echinus: a sea urchin of the genus Echinus. 1
29. English common name: Purple sea urchin. 1
30. Enjolras hastily quitted the urchin and murmured a few words in a very low tone to a longshoreman from the winedocks who chanced to be at hand. 1

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