Uppermost Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use uppermost, so you can learn how to use uppermost in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word uppermost here, and see the words sound like or similar to uppermost

# Sentence Times
1. A dextral flatfish lies with the right eye uppermost. 1
2. A feeling of pity for David was uppermost in her mind. 1
3. A scoreless first half saw defences uppermost on both sides with Ireland defending with spirit. 1
4. Abstract : collectivity cooperation innovation capability is the uppermost one of modern enterprise. 1
5. Abstract: The collectivity cooperation innovation capability is th e uppermost on e of modern enterprise. 1
6. After hiking all day we finally reached the uppermost part of the mountain. 1
7. Among these factors , which will affect repairing well or faster , the human factor is uppermost. 1
8. At first they were probably running wild, with panic and fear uppermost! 0
9. Attaching a deep heading tape Lay the curtains out flat with lining sides uppermost. 1
10. Attaching interlining Lay curtain fabric out flat with wrong side uppermost. 1
11. Based on the underground of high efficient CC in Ma'steel, the longitudinal surface crack and centerline crack, the uppermost defects of beam blank CC production are studied. 1
12. Being the uppermost productive material and the most direct object for farmers, cultivated land is one of the basic factors consisting of the comprehensive ability of crop production. 1
13. Beneath the uppermost church lies a 4th-century church, and beneath this lies the dark, dank temple, with its altar bearing a carving of the god Mithras slaying a bull. 1
14. But how can our uppermost tier go so berserk? 1
15. But though I tried to keep this thought uppermost in my mind, that first impression produced in me by my future mistress had been so powerful that it lingered still. 1
16. But uppermost in our minds is the final destination. 1
17. Confronting with complex real-time working environment, designing a high-performance reliable information fusion system is uppermost important. 1
18. Defence is no longer uppermost in their priorities. 1
19. Eggs are packed in cartons with the large end uppermost to prevent mechanical damage to the egg. 1
20. Emily seemed to sense this too as she gazed at the uppermost branches. 1
21. Fill the glass with water, then place the biscuit tin lid over it, lip uppermost. 1
22. Fixing on the service tenet of " First quality, uppermost customers" and enterprise belief "keep credit, stand public praise " we supply the excellent service for customers. 1
23. For now, that meant keeping the case uppermost in his thoughts. 1
24. For starry flounders , then, the left-eyed variety would be selected against, since in a starry flounder the left optic nerve is uppermost. 1
25. Hand - made clothes: Needlework and batik are both the uppermost ornaments the trappings of the Miao nationality. 1
26. He saw what thoughts were uppermost in the simple woman's heart. 1
27. He says whatever is uppermost in his mind. 1
28. In ABC soil, the uppermost zone of soil , containing humus ; topsoil. 1
29. In fact, financial problems may not be uppermost in her mind. 1
30. In fact, they brought up the question before I could do so because it was uppermost in their minds. 1

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