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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use uppercase, so you can learn how to use uppercase in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word uppercase here, and see the words sound like or similar to uppercase

# Sentence Times
1. A case - sensitive search finds only text that is an exact match of uppercase and lowercase letters. 1
2. A driver might have to convert the column delimeter foo to uppercase (if necessary), and then compare "foo" with all the column names in the column list. 1
3. A key that , when pressed in combination with another key , gives the other key an alternative meaning ; for example , producing an uppercase character when a letter key is pressed . 1
4. Alternate dictionary order, case - insensitive, uppercase pref. 1
5. Alternate dictionary order, case - insensitive, uppercase preference, for use with the 850 ( Multilingual ) Character Set. 1
6. Alternate dictionary order, case - insensitive, uppercase preference(This website Character Set. 1
7. As in uppercase and lowercase. Changing case requires nothing more than pressing the Shift or Caps Lock key, and yet so few designers take advantage of this technique's potential. 1
8. Be sure to enter the realm name in uppercase. 1
9. Class names should always begin with an uppercase letter. 1
10. Computer Science A data control character after which characters are interpreted as having been typed in the uppercase mode. 1
11. Constants should always be all - uppercase, with underscores to separate words. 1
12. Converts this CString object to an uppercase string. 1
13. Dictionary order, case - insensitive, uppercase preference, for use with 1252 Character Set. 1
14. Don't uppercase my e - mail, because my e - mail is lower case. 1
15. Each telephone number consists of a string composed of decimal digits, uppercase letters (excluding Q and Z) and hyphens. 1
16. Icelandic dictionary order, case - insensitive, uppercase preference, for use with 1252 Character Set. 1
17. In this example, it converts the first character of the name to uppercase, and the remaining characters to lowercase, and then uses that modified string as the new name value. 1
18. Indicates whether to ignore uppercase. 1
19. Lowercase letters will match either lowercase or uppercase characters in the document, but upper-case characters will only match their exact counterparts. 1
20. M asks for the most recent historical command line that contains an uppercase letter M. 1
21. Macro ( gasp! ) names all uppercase and begin with BOOST _. 1
22. Note that this variable is in uppercase letters, unlike the pwd command. 1
23. Notes: Either uppercase or lowercase can be use for reserved word and identifier. 1
24. Now I'll apply this knowledge of the MFC composite intrinsics to the uppercase conversion program. 1
25. Queries are not case - sensitive. You can type your search in uppercase or lowercase. 1
26. Read a text file and write it to a target text file, changing all lowercase to uppercase and double-spacing the output text. 1
27. Requires a digit or an uppercase character. 1
28. Requires an uppercase or lowercase character. 1
29. Since emails are more personal, uppercase can feel even more threatening. 1
30. Template parameter names begin with an uppercase letter. 1





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