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# Sentence Times
1. A healthy human spine has a natural S-shape, but sitting pushes the lower lumbar curve into more of a C-shape so that the back and abdominal muscles designed to support the body are unused. 1
2. A nerve pathway ( neuro association ) unused will gradually atrophy. 1
3. A Nice unused Tin found in the warehouse of the factory building in Petersburg, VA. 1
4. A process of dynamic relocation in which contiguous segments are moved to one end of the memory to combine all unused storage at the other end. 1
5. A village-based fabric weaving and dyeing business was quite unused to the sudden whims and vagaries of the capitalist fashion industry. 1
6. A: unused DDF is carried over for use in a future year. 1
7. All pollution is simply an unused resource. 1
8. All the clothes were unused looking and old, as if kept for years in jars of formaldehyde. 1
9. An allowance is made for unused hotel accommodation in Bangkok. 1
10. And the unused stationery was stacked in a general office for use by lowly clerks. 1
11. Anthony Hopkins plays a bookish billionaire with a head full of unused facts. 1
12. Any unused management fees are redistributed to the parties at the end of the programme. 1
13. Any unused pastry can be frozen and used at a later date. 1
14. Any unused processing resources will only be used by the uncapped partitions in the shared processing pool. 1
15. Article 37 All units and individuals are forbidden to leave cultivated land unused or let it lie waste. 1
16. Article 64 Evaluation of the prepaid expenses and inventory of supplies shall be based on the portion of amount covering the unexpired period or the unused supplies. 1
17. As they got to the sheetrock stage, he was walking around and noticed an unused alcove. 1
18. At the same time, forward the approach on how to manage the leave unused current assets. 1
19. Bank Clerk: Hello, Ms. Jones. Are you planning to reconvert your unused Chinese money back into American dollars? 1
20. Batteries which are unused for long periods may have to be recharged. 1
21. Birds nested in the porch and in the guttering, and a bold jackdaw started to build in the cold unused chimney. 1
22. Brought out my harmonica leaving unused for long, wiped the dust on it, I hear some tousy music floating in the house... 1
23. but during the seventh year let the land lie unplowed and unused. Then the poor among your people may get food from it, and the wild animals may eat what they leave. 1
24. Corbett, unused to the gentle rocking of the ship and the low beams, banged his head as he straightened up. 1
25. CPU on the 8279 surveillance using the query mode, the 8279 interrupt request signal IRQ left unused. 1
26. Crush unused pills and throw them away in kitty litter, used coffee grounds, or other unpalatable items. 1
27. Data can be recorded on both sides of the disk platters (though often the topmost and bottommost surfaces are unused). 0
28. Disable all unused channels such as those named SYSTEM.DEF.* and SYSTEM.AUTO.*, by setting MCAUSER('nobody'). 1
29. Gerard Pique was an unused substitute in Real Zaragoza's 3 - 1 home win over Getafe in La Liga. 1
30. Having this option in a script that runs regularly can ensure automatic cleanup of the capture file to remove unused SQL. 1

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