Unselfish Definition

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1. Abernathy was a man of great courage and an unselfish dedication to a just cause. 1
2. According to Confucius, benevolence means courtesy, loyalty and unselfishness. 1
3. Altruism is a rather new word for unselfishness, coined by 19th century humanist philosopher Auguste Comte as an alternative to egoism, which means putting oneself above all else. 1
4. And there will be times when players make an extra pass for the sake of being unselfish like Iverson did Thursday in Day 3 of the Grizzlies' training camp. 1
5. As a player he was unselfish, a true team man. 1
6. At least, he had saved his country from foolish fratricide by unselfishly renouncing the presidency. 1
7. Certainly, their post-game talk was all about unselfishness, ball-sharing and togetherness. 1
8. During the brief voyage Tom lived in a peculiar atmosphere of doom and of heroic, unselfish courage. 1
9. During the brief voyage Tom lived in a peculiar atmosphere of doom and of heroic,(This website/voyage.html) unselfish courage. 1
10. Even the most unselfish people carry certain meanings in their eyes. 1
11. Father instilled unselfishness in his son. 1
12. Frank developed into a useful striker, stylish, poised and unselfish. 1
13. He was such an extraordinary political leader precisely because of his unselfishness and firm integrity. 1
14. Her unselfish act reflects well on her upbringing. 1
15. Here was a real opportunity to show an unselfish patriotism on the part of the clergy. 1
16. His unselfishness gave him great intellectual roominess. 1
17. I can teach you to chare, but I cannot make you unselfish. 1
18. I ran through all the obvious reasons: commitment, shared interests, unselfishness, physical attraction, communication. 1
19. I'm as unselfish as a famished hog. 1
20. It may be that, so placed, you - being the noble - minded paragon that you are - would behave unselfishly. 1
21. It was unselfish of you to help us. 1
22. It would be a mistake to conclude that unselfish concern has disappeared. 1
23. It's a good team - they listen to the coaching and they're unselfish with the ball. 1
24. It'stands for the spirit of hard work and unselfishness. 1
25. Jeff Green: His playmaking skills and unselfishness at the four get him consideration. 1
26. Loving rebellious children unselfishly can bring great suffering to parents. 1
27. Qualities such as unselfishness, sensitivity, honesty, and temperament would also be key factors in the total person. 1
28. Real love is a positive emotion and is truly unselfish. 1
29. Rural people show more devotion and unselfishness than do their urban cousins. 1
30. She is an outgoing, unselfish, and loving person. 1

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