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# Sentence Times
1. A much smaller percentage of the unsatisfied group thinks China is stable. 1
2. After countless sittings during the early part of 1906 Picasso, unsatisfied with the face, wiped it out completely. 1
3. And yet, ultimately, such apostasy leaves me unsatisfied as well. 1
4. Bill was successful and financially secure , but still unsatisfied. 1
5. But , the guests are quite unsatisfied with toll television. 1
6. But everyone knew, even then, about unsatisfied or sublimated or postponed desires: the final step must be action. 1
7. But other men, who remain unsatisfied, continue to grow step by step to new levels. 1
8. But the deeper question etymologically is why torment through unsatisfied desire should be called tantalization. 1
9. Collect the defect information that can be unsatisfied to customer. 1
10. Convinced that the general public had an unsatisfied thirst for knowledge, he took an active part in several educational activities. 1
11. Could your recant the unsatisfied call to make the our investigation more convenient? 1
12. Customers to purchase standard hardness block within three months after the problem if the quality of shifting, Guaranteed return of goods if unsatisfied. 1
13. He was disillusioned and returned unsatisfied. 1
14. He was still unsatisfied mocking him, therefore he invited the critic to his house and read him the libretto aloud in front of his friends. 1
15. Her eyes were full of unsatisfied, Beseeching affection. 1
16. I have a nagging sense of being unsatisfied with my behaviour, as though I was doing something morally wrong. 1
17. If they are over-indulged they will, as likely as not, feel unsatisfied. 1
18. If you're the spouse who's unsatisfied, it's important to communicate with your partner, compassionately. 1
19. In order to resolve the problem of unsatisfied quality of service in intelligent building Web, an industry Web design of intelligent building based on medium access control protocol is presented. 1
20. In terms of quality problem of unsatisfied shape-position during tine plate manufacturing process, original process was analyzed and the cause was found out. 1
21. Laplace at seventy - eight died young. He was still unsatisfied, still sure that he had a lot to learn. 1
22. Mammy's quick old eyes sought hers with suspicion and question but her curiosity went unsatisfied. 1
23. Manski also remains unsatisfied with the IEM's proponents ' reliance on its record of consistently besting the polls. 1
24. Many 2-D lovers are unsatisfied with what the market has to offer, so they custom-make their own fantasy goods and come to conventions to barter and socialize with the like-minded. 1
25. Many new immigrants in the U.S. are unsatisfied with their financial situations. 1
26. Narcissus: Classical Mythology. a youth who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool and wasted away from unsatisfied desire, whereupon he was transformed into the flower. 1
27. Of course, there are still some unsatisfied and scarry stuffs that burden me, yet I still get myself to operate in an optimistic mode. 1
28. One of my few remaining unsatisfied ambitions is to get into the old man's study. 1
29. Perched in his easy chair, he's grown unsatisfied with the outcome. 1
30. So the Nash Ensemble's concert offered a first half of Mozart and Brahms which left one feeling vaguely unsatisfied. 1

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