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# Sentence Times
1. A family attempts to cope with the eruption into their lives of an unruly aunt. 1
2. A number of unruly youth ganged up and terrorized the district. 1
3. A number of unruly youths ganged up and terrorized the district. 1
4. A teacher simply trying to control an unruly child gets arrested and convicted. 1
5. An unruly mob broke down police barricades and stormed the courtroom. 1
6. And for the first time in the long history of those unruly events, the time limits were actually enforced. 1
7. At the end of a month club leader had the unruly youths eating out of his hand. 1
8. But his housewarming party turns into a nightmare when his co-workers shed their inhibitions and become unruly. 1
9. China has two idiom that concern with landscape: Barren mountains and unruly rivers and at the end of one's resources. 1
10. Energetic, young and heart have been unruly, natural moat change thoroughfare! 1
11. Gardeners regularly stroll the grounds, picking up stray pieces of trash and trimming unruly bushes. 1
12. He recognises that, as a Kurd, he has been able to enjoy opportunities that are more limited for Iraqis living in other, more unruly parts of the country. 1
13. He struck most of the friends he had made on Earth as an eccentric, but a harmless one – an unruly boozer with some oddish habits. 1
14. He struggled hard to control his unruly emotions. 1
15. He was unruly in class and made an enemy of most of his teachers. 1
16. Hillary Clinton – who is currently in Kenya for a trade conference – enraged Pyongyang's leaders last month by likening them to unruly children seeking attention. 1
17. Hoppy ran his fingers through his unruly hair. 1
18. However, because the information in the unconscious is in an unruly and often disturbing form, a "censor" in the preconscious will not allow it to pass unaltered into the conscious. 1
19. However, because the information in the unconscious is in an unruly and often disturbing form(This website/disturbing.html), a "censor" in the preconscious will not allow it to pass unaltered into the conscious. 1
20. I hesitantly entered the aqua-blue filth-smeared corridors and headed through an impossible maze of hallways, passing unruly-facial-haired men tittering in soiled khakis and sipping tall boys. 0
21. If the course of public debate is unruly, it has a happy result. 1
22. In Burgess's 1962 dystopian novel A Clockwork Orange, famously filmed by Stanley Kubrick in 1971, the unruly youngster Alex is subjected to "the Ludovico Technique" by the crazed authorities. 1
23. In recent years, however, the fundamentalist camp has grown unruly. 1
24. In Tudor's eyes, Ireland was full of independent and unruly lords. 1
25. In two recent incidents, police fired at mobs of unruly protesters. 1
26. Initial reports indicated hundreds had been killed when a military unit had been stoned by a hungry and unruly mob. 1
27. It's like trying to manage an unruly child. 1
28. It's not good enough just to blame the unruly children. 1
29. Keeping up Pretenses. With their titan gods defeated, the Charr Shaman struggle to keep an unruly populace placated with ritual and dogma. 1
30. Low Ponytail Slick back unruly hair with a pomade and gather it at the nape using two elastics for support. 1

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