Unresolved Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A major rift between the group's principal songwriters, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, remained unresolved. 1
2. A number of issues, however, remain unresolved. 1
3. A number of problems are still unresolved. 1
4. A still unresolved problem is the pending litigation over the collection. 1
5. A stride piano pattern in the left hand then underpinned exploratory, unresolved figures, which eventually evolved into Take the A-Train. 1
6. A succession of other legal disputes went unresolved, and appeals were made to the parlement of Paris. 1
7. Although further peace negotiations were scheduled for the latter half of 1991, the situation remained unresolved. 1
8. Although measure of fractal dimension of relational network is an unresolved question, we still attempt to suggest a way of measure. 1
9. And there are still several unresolved issues, the trade union. 1
10. Another problem that remains unresolved is the generality of the connection between psychosis and creativity. 1
11. Another unresolved conflict concerns possible interference between domestic or commercial users who have installed systems in neighbouring premises. 1
12. As they grow into adult life they find that many of the conflicts and confusions of childhood are unresolved. 1
13. At the end of the meeting, a number of important questions were still unresolved. 1
14. At the end of the meeting(This website a number of important questions were still unresolved. 1
15. At the end of the meeting(This website/at the end of.html), a number of important questions were still unresolved. 1
16. Battle continues: A lengthy battle between a scrap car dealer and Sedgefield District Council remains unresolved. 1
17. Because it is unresolved it hints at the tactics involved before a compromise is reached. 1
18. Both the first lady and the speaker have serious and unresolved legal and ethical problems that fuel the fury of their opponents. 1
19. But even if the proposals prove sufficiently acceptable, important questions of principle will remain unresolved. 1
20. But the issue of how a fictional character can function as a contemporary monument is unresolved. 1
21. But the Second International did debate two questions which Marx and Engels left unresolved. 1
22. But the thorny issues that divided the main trading powers at Seattle appear to be largely unresolved. 1
23. But Virgin executives are privately convinced that meeting this contractual obligation will be impossible because so many major issues remain unresolved. 1
24. Carla, of course, knew the story well, and had analyzed it for unresolved childhood issues with her analyst husband. 1
25. Delegates resumed work on one of the principal unresolved issues. 1
26. Despite the two sides'progress on economic ties, more thorny political and military issues remain unresolved. 1
27. Discussion: including any inferences resulting from statistical tests together with tentative explanations and unresolved questions. 6. 1
28. Equities faced pressure from a stronger U.S. dollar after Dubai's unresolved debt problems and Fitch Ratings' downgrade of Greece's bond rating dented risk appetite. 1
29. Establish and use a set of keywords to flag unresolved issues. 1
30. From B's perspective of obtaining his freedom the unresolved issues were equally fundamental to the point addressed. 1

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