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# Sentence Times
1. A brief, somewhat unorthodox, review of Regularization Theory is presented. 1
2. A single nun, working in an unorthodox manner in the slums, made some of the local clergy distinctly uncomfortable. 1
3. And the unorthodox approach proved successful after the team from Stanford University came up with a design modelled on the structure of the ear of orca wales. 1
4. Another useful (if somewhat unorthodox) way to take in this graph is to follow the horizontal gridlines. 0
5. Another year , two years , and they would be watching her night and day for symptoms of unorthodoxy . 1
6. Army officers have been accused of using unorthodox methods when interrogating enemy prisoners. 1
7. As he peers down the gun barrel with his high, unorthodox stance, he visualises former glories. 1
8. Bateson had a most orthodox Oxford education and a most unorthodox career. 1
9. Both men no doubt were vexed by the unorthodoxy of their own birthplaces. 1
10. By using this unorthodox form of insurance, Bombardier transferred the risk to someone else. 1
11. Convinced it had a best seller on its hands, Random House came up with the unorthodox idea of relaunching the book. 1
12. Despite his unorthodox views, which were apparently influenced by gnosticism and Manichaean dualism, he became bishop of Avila in 380. 1
13. Did anything unorthodox happen during his interrogation? 1
14. Educated privately at her homes at Parkwern and Hendrefoilan she inherited a long family tradition of unorthodox and innovative ideas. 1
15. Everyone has a right hemisphere, so we all should be fountains of unorthodox ideas. 1
16. First to go was cornerback Deon Figures, who suffered a knee injury in unorthodox fashion when he got shot in May. 1
17. From early times the papacy had allied with the imperial power to condemn the unorthodox. 1
18. He has an unorthodox style of playing tennis, but he usually wins. 1
19. He remembered the stories told of his grandfather - of his strong views, unorthodoxy and scientific inclinations. 1
20. He was energetic, headstrong, and unorthodox-and he had compelling reasons for reducing the ruinously expensive Soviet nuclear arsenal. 0
21. He was excommunicated in his early manhood from his synagogue on account of his unorthodox opinions. 1
22. Her unorthodox views tend to attract controversy. 1
23. His height, shooting ability and unorthodox array of fallaways and one-legged pull-up shots make him as tough a cover as we have in the league. 1
24. His methods were unorthodox, and his lifestyle eccentric. 1
25. His playing drips with exaggerated rubato and unorthodox tempi ( Annalyn Swan ). 1
26. His spiritual life would follow the same unorthodox and aggressively assertive pattern. 1
27. I have called it an unorthodox theory because few adhere to it. 1
28. I'm afraid your English is somewhat unorthodox. 1
29. If you have become disenchanted with the run of the mill, go into something more artistic or unorthodox. 1
30. In feudal society, unorthodox theories were always ignored. 1

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