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# Sentence Times
1. - There is potential for increasing the yield per unit area on the existing cultivated land. 1
2. 、 Korea 、 Japan 、 Nigeria 、 United Arab Emirates etc. 0
3. “Bakersfield is likely to slow down the installation of smart meters—not just in the United States but worldwide,” says Ahmad Faruqui of the Brattle Group, a consultancy. 0
4. “Leader” Muammar Gadaffi is hunkered down in Tripoli, defended by army units from his tribe and mercenaries from black Africa. 1
5. ( The lease area was adjacent to the greatest estuary and marsh area in the United States. 0
6. (Washington, DC) - The current review of United States policy on antipersonnel landmines should result in a decision to join the historic treaty banning the weapon, Human Rights Watch said today. 0
7. ' And I looked at him and I said, 'You are the 44th President of the United States of America. 0
8. 'Early' testing ideally includes unit testing by developers and built-in testing and diagnostic capabilities. 1
9. 'S a reg'lar little United States in itself. 0
10. " Coadjutant net of 001 whole worlds " also say " marriage kind mutualism altar of emigrant United States " . 0
11. " He envisioned young Unitarians populating intellectual "shock troops" to combat fantasies of an instant postwar utopia. 0
12. " Honest Abe," as he was endearingly called, lost the Senate race, but two years later was elected the first Republican president of the United States. 0
13. " Mr Cheung opened after MMS spent inside player is a young woman dancing striptease, the bottom of the screen read, "Jimo a unit Yanwu show. 1
14. " repugnant to us as human beings and contrary to the standards and values of the United States army," the statement said. 0
15. " Tele-presence " robots are controlled remotely by an English teacher and are equipped with a microphone and video camera. Autonomous units use voice-recognition software to interact with children. 1
16. " this kind of immigrant group " basically live in the United States' mid countryside, signs of human habitation is exiguous . 0
17. "A memorandum of Understanding Between the United Nations and the Republic of Iraq" calls for the immediate, unrestricted and unconditional access for UN weapon inspectors in Iraq. 0
18. "Affined " proposal initiates Chinese credit one of units. 1
19. "All pig units must be regarded as being at risk," a recent joint mission of the European Community, FAO and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) to Armenia warned. 1
20. "Back in the Reagan years, thinking about nuclear catastrophe was what kept people awake at night," Fair says, referring to the 1980s when this United States president was in office. 0
21. "Based on these predictions, we can tell that China will overtake the United States to be the world's largest trader in 2010, " Li told a seminar on China's foreign trade prospects in Guangzhou. 0
22. "Brocade Holy Land, " more than once that the United Nations in the Nigerian capital of the resident will become a "priority target for militants. 0
23. "By the middle of this year, you'll see considerable diversion of trade away from China, " which will start to bring down the United States trade deficit with China, Mr. Fung said in an interview. 0
24. "By the middle of this year, you'll see considerable diversion of trade away from China," which will start to bring down the United States trade deficit with China, Mr. 0
25. "Cadres must resolutely implement the major policies of the central party leadership and resolutely safeguard overall political stability and unity, " he said. 1
26. "China is now a leading space power — right now, only three countries explore space intensively, namely Russia, the United States and China, " he said. 0
27. "Chlamydial infection is the most common sexually transmitted bacterial infection in the United States, with an estimated 3 million new cases annually, " write David S. 0
28. "Dao" is the core of Chuang-Tzu philosophy and the gist of the thinking of Tao is "All things by means of the Dao are united and became one" which involves two clues, implicit and explicit. 1
29. "Deliberateness" of the crime calls for the unity of cognition and will. 1
30. "Ecuador has nearly lost one third of its ice," says the glaciologist Bolivar Caceres, the head of the government's glacier and meteorology unit. 1




units (plural noun)

  - an individual thing or person regarded as single and complete but which can also form an individual component of a larger or more complex whole.

  - a device that has a specified function, especially one forming part of a complex mechanism.

  - a quantity chosen as a standard in terms of which other quantities may be expressed.

  - the number one.


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