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# Sentence Times
1. Access to this remote uninhabited Himalayan mountain is via high snow-covered passes. 1
2. An uninhabited piece of city-sized land, provided voluntarily by a host government. 1
3. As the evening , wore on the dancing grew more and more uninhabited. 1
4. Both groups need to leave and are intending to settle on a previously uninhabited planet. 1
5. For millions of years the earth was uninhabited.' 1
6. For three months the seamen sighted no land except a few desolate , uninhabited islands. 1
7. He was banished to an uninhabited island for a year. 1
8. His writings demonstrated an unrelenting strength of life through the portrayal of uninhabited romantic atmosphere. 1
9. Hunters to survive in the desolate and uninhabited places, Marmota meat became his food. 1
10. In front of them were 500 miles of virgin plains almost uninhabited by white people. 1
11. In order to control and optimize cooperative air-to-ground combat decision-making of the uninhabited Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV), the self-determined advantage matrix of UCAV team is built firstly. 1
12. It turns the fan at a public toilet on an uninhabited island in Boston Harbor. 1
13. Its traditional upstairs windows are now uncurtained and uninhabited, two bars at street level its only function. 1
14. Japanese pilots have been testing the planes known as F2 in an uninhabited northernmost island of the Northern Marianas during their aerial combat skills in an operation dubbed 'Cope North'. 1
15. Lands uninhabited are common to all. 1
16. Laxford Bridge is a welcome uninhabited oasis amongst shaggy surroundings. 1
17. Lurking in uninhabited places, they slowly gather their strength. 1
18. Most of the islands in Clear Bay are uninhabited. 1
19. Offshore, there's a maze of islands, many uninhabited. 1
20. Once a week a barbeque is organised on an uninhabited island. 1
21. One can feel responsibility without feeling love, otherwise the world would be uninhabited. 1
22. One year Arthur and Lady did not return to Chimney Rock, and the aerie has remained uninhabited. 1
23. Rabat authorities dispatched about a dozen soldiers to the uninhabited island Perejil on the 11th as part of its crackdown on illegal immigrants and counter-terrorist operation. 1
24. Reliable, pre-1908 maps of this uninhabited region of Siberia are not easy to come by, but we found a czarist military map from 1883 that fails to show the lake. 1
25. Shortly before the uninhabited space station reached orbit in .May 1973,aeroaynamic pressure ripped off a meteoroid and heat shield. 1
26. SO the idea was this: Six days with my wife on an uninhabited, mostly unpowered Bahamian island. 1
27. Such believe led to their self-will, obstinacy and irresponsibility, caring for nothing and uninhabited , . 1
28. That dream world has more solidity than a house uninhabited. 1
29. That is an uninhabited island. 1
30. The area is largely uninhabited. 1

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