Unfinished Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use unfinished, so you can learn how to use unfinished in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word unfinished here, and see the words sound like or similar to unfinished

# Sentence Times
1. A work both director and composer left unfinished felt fragmentary, inconclusive and, all too often, artistically baffling. 1
2. A., when hundreds of covert jumps were carried out from the unfinished skeletons of office towers on Bunker Hill. 1
3. Above is the concoctive program that I write for company website, unfinished to be continued... 1
4. Among their criteria: Cancel any project that remains unfinished more than 20 years past its original completion date. 1
5. And the great tower remains unfinished. 1
6. Antony Gaudy died in 1926, leaving an unfinished cathedral as his epitaph. 1
7. As always, he muttered incomplete words, unfinished sentences. 1
8. As Bob Woodward told it in his 2008 book The War Within, Gates and the president talked about increasing the size of the Army, halting unneeded weapons programs, the unfinished fight in Afghanistan. 1
9. At Slotermeer, a suburb of Amsterdam, a large park remained unfinished due to lack of funds. 1
10. Back on the metro and it's a further 20 minute ride to Tsaritsyno, another large, forested estate. The principal attraction here is the unfinished summer palace of Catherine the Great. 1
11. Besides anti - conventional ending makes Light in August look like an unfinished work. 1
12. But his main preoccupation was with the unfinished Requiem, which had begun to prey on his mind. 1
13. But the tide of prosperity ebbed, leaving the town unfinished. 1
14. By cords, Archangel Michael means anything that binds us to Third-Dimensional reality –the attachments we have to it and the unfinished business that may cause resistance to Ascension. 1
15. C. Wood Reviver: A special liquid detergent for cleaning unfinished wood and to maintain finished wood in use. 1
16. Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begun. Christina G. Rossetti  1
17. Conclusion: This method can be used to control the quality of unfinished product of Nauclea injection. 1
18. cruiser. In another chest, which contained the belongings of a ship's officer, there was an unfinished letter which had been written on March 14th, 1943. 1
19. Decoration of the unfinished project is a kind of conceptual incubation. 1
20. Dissatisfied even after weeks of painful struggle, he returned to Paris in the fall with his unfinished works. 1
21. Each of these women had left some unfinished business. 1
22. Even if the extra head is indicative of the work being unfinished, it is still apposite. 1
23. Face B bears what Coedes and Krom describe as an unfinished inscription celebrating a victorious king. 1
24. Freakish wingspan, basic body that looked unfinished, wingtips that folded over. 1
25. FWS claims the ebony sent from India was mislabelled, and that Indian law forbids the export of unfinished ebony and rosewood. 1
26. Gus stood at the table, toying with a cue stick, his eyes straying lazily over the billiard balls scattered about the table in the array of an unfinished game. 1
27. He had the unfinished nocturne and the portrait. 1
28. He has some unfinished business to deal with. 1
29. He kept a candle burning in each room, unfinished manuscript on every desk. 1
30. He left the sentence unfinished. 1

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