Unemotional Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use unemotional, so you can learn how to use unemotional in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word unemotional here, and see the words sound like or similar to unemotional

# Sentence Times
1. A shade under 6' tall and wiry, with a mane of increasingly iron-grey hair and an unemotional, meticulous delivery, he had an energetic onscreen presence. 1
2. British men are often seen as being reserved and unemotional. 1
3. But they can at times be unemotional and even downright stubborn, give them plenty of room. 1
4. For so solid and unemotional a man he might have been angry, or perhaps only in a hurry. 1
5. Gathering them unemotionally will help those facts come out. 1
6. He snorted quietly: an unemotional noise; a punctuation mark. 1
7. He sounded matter-of-fact and unemotional. 1
8. He was observing as a favor, he had nothing at stake: he could be unemotional. 1
9. He was too legal, chilling - unemotional. 1
10. He was unemotional, quite quiet, and reserved. 1
11. His voice was unemotional. 1
12. In these early sources it represents a devotion still somewhat restrained and unemotional. 1
13. It provides an extraordinarily careful and detailed picture and records - factually and unemotionally - the abuses which characterized the whole system. 1
14. Machines are unemotional and unaggressive, unlike human beings, he told the crowd during the question-and-answer phase. 1
15. Marriage is like a business investment. Its long-term viability is best established unemotionally. 1
16. Most of us can think more or less unemotionally when we bend our wills to that. 1
17. Mostly she lay silent, noncommittal and unemotional, until one day she broke into uncontrollable weeping. 1
18. She began to read in a brisk, unemotional voice. 1
19. She seemed very cool and unemotional. 1
20. Tenma unemotional love for Toby is a typical Chellonese father - son relationshellop. 1
21. The Chinese Communist leaders coldly and unemotionally assessed the requirements of the balance of power little influenced by ideology or sentiment. 1
22. The defendant stared unemotionally at the victim's family. 1
23. The flat, unemotional voice droned on. 1
24. The Holmes-Watson relationship between an unemotional alien and a warm, cheerful, humorous human would evolve. 1
25. The self-coached cyclist must learn to think objectively and unemotionally. 1
26. The tone of his poetry is restrained and unemotional. 1
27. The woman, in fact, seemed to be chewing gum as she unemotionally clicked off a series of commands for me to perform. 1
28. These rules ensure that the student can smoothly, effortlessly and unemotionally take actions to buy, sell or hold. 1
29. Thrifty, hardworking, unemotional, they tipped their hats to no one. 1
30. Zoe is normally an unemotional person. 1




  - not having or showing strong feelings.


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