Underside Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A breeze, the silver underside of leaves like a shoal of fish that changes direction. 1
2. A colony of ants on the move from one nest site to another exhibits the Kafkaesque underside of emergent control. 1
3. A separate floor to the car that is bolted onto the underside of the monocoque . 1
4. A small wood warbler (Vermivora peregrina) of North America, having greenish upper parts and a white underside. 1
5. A snap ring is arranged at the underside of the inductive probe, takes a ring structure with a lateral opening and is made of dumet materials that have good heat conductivity. 1
6. A strip stuck to the underside of the rule worked beautifully: no more slipping, frustration, or wasted tiles! 1
7. A taper has two sides, the underside is a circle, the flank is a camber. 1
8. A well-timed jump skips Mario over them, before I plough through the planet with the digbit, smashing into the exposed underside of the boss. 1
9. Although the history of Vegas's dark underside is not new, it has seldom been so abundantly researched and compellingly told. 1
10. An underside view of the extended hand of a bat showing the webbed fingers which make flight possible. 1
11. And I also catch sight of the grizzled feathers on its underside. 1
12. And such ways of life still continue, the dark underside of surface prosperity. 1
13. Any of several North American rabbits of the genus Sylvilagus, having grayish or brownish fur and a tail with a fluffy white underside. 1
14. As the cheese begins to melt, start checking underside of tortilla for browning. 1
15. Based on the demand, the ultrasonic radiation surface can be laid underside the launder slot or on the side face or on the peak face, it is quite agility. 1
16. Beneath them the underside of the command module comprised a specially designed shield that protected them from the heat of re-entry. 1
17. But it is a dramatic problem: central leaves go yellow, curl up and display downy grey growth on the underside. 1
18. Clearance angle. This is the angle between the machined surface and the underside of the tool called the flank face. 1
19. Club-shaped basidia, each bearing four haploid basidiospores, line the surfaces of the gills on the underside of the mushroom cap. 1
20. Clusters of tiny insects called aphids were to be found on the underside of the leaves. 1
21. CO 2 connections for piston underside fire extinguishing. 1
22. Colour: Its body is predominantly white and has horizontal blue stripes towards the underside which is yellow. 1
23. Conservation Ruberlok is applied internally to the underside of the roof leaving the external appearance unchanged. 1
24. Copper tubing for circulating water is soldered to its underside. 1
25. David Gracer lifts a giant water bug, places his thumbs in a pre-sliced slit in its underside, and flips off its head. 1
26. Do your tricks. Turn somersaults and climb up the underside of a ladder with your armour on. 1
27. Each sprang from the obscure underside of the society. 1
28. Each watchmaker engraves his or her personal initials on the underside of the Tourbillon base to assure that all parts can be returned to their maker after they have been galvanized. 1
29. Endocrine gland lying on the underside of the Brain. 1
30. Every piece of our product is made by three layers of materials, the frontispiece and underside are paper printed with fine patterns, and the middle is a layer of soft foam. 1




undersides (plural noun)

  - the bottom or lower side or surface of something.


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