Uncharacteristic Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use uncharacteristic, so you can learn how to use uncharacteristic in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word uncharacteristic here, and see the words sound like or similar to uncharacteristic

# Sentence Times
1. "Friends from Millay's hometown were "shocked" to hear of his arrest and said the charges were uncharacteristic of Millay. 1
2. And about this Eliot is again uncharacteristically emphatic, as well as eloquent. 1
3. Angel One had firm control of himself again, after his uncharacteristic loss of self-control. 1
4. Any uncharacteristic vaginal discharge, especially if accompanied by lower abdominal pain or fever. 1
5. Approximately one year later he was noted to undergo a profound change in personality, and to develop social inappropriateness, and uncharacteristic use of foul or crude language. 1
6. Beneath Ruth's composure he sensed an uncharacteristic hardness. 1
7. But there was a brief and uncharacteristic pause before he continued. 1
8. But Tunstall's solicitor told the court the crimes were an uncharacteristic blemish on an otherwise clean record. 1
9. China, for its part, surveys the future with uncharacteristic optimism. 1
10. Eline rushed over and hugged Carys in an uncharacteristic gesture of affection. 1
11. For a couple of minutes she gave in to another uncharacteristic fit of temper. 1
12. He exercised uncharacteristic restraint on these topics. 1
13. He had an uncharacteristic fall from grace in his match against Connell. 1
14. He had an uncharacteristic fall in his match against Sam. 1
15. He is an active student, but he was uncharacteristically listless in class today. 1
16. He tapped the side of his nose in an uncharacteristically arch gesture. 1
17. He was uncharacteristically crisp and businesslike. 1
18. He was uncharacteristically depressed and ruminative. 1
19. Her Aunt Sallie gave her an uncharacteristically extravagant gift. 1
20. I have used my own translation here in place of Kaufmann's uncharacteristically awkward rendering. 1
21. India, for its part, surveys the future with uncharacteristic optimism. 1
22. It seemed an utterly uncharacteristic nod to clean living. 1
23. It was just that it was so uncharacteristic of her. 1
24. It was summer and despite the uncharacteristic chill in the air, the tourists were swarming the beaches. 1
25. It was uncharacteristic of her father to disappear like this. 1
26. It's uncharacteristic of her to be late. 1
27. It's uncharacteristic of Margaret to get so angry. 1
28. Jack exercised uncharacteristic restraint in that situation. 1
29. Jennifer Azzi had 15 points and four assists, but committed an uncharacteristic eight turnovers. 1
30. Joly also made what can only be described as an uncharacteristic error of judgment. 1

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