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1. 'I'm not going to sugarcoat the fact that the global economic outlook remains uncertain and this uncertainty is likely to continue for some time, ' he wrote in his weekly economic note. 2
2. 'There is a lot of uncertainty and the speed of a recovery is slow and next year even slower, ' said Shoji Muneoka, president of Nippon Steel Corp., Japan's largest steelmaker. 1
3. 'We expect that rare earth market conditions could change quickly, and they remain an uncertainty for the foreseeable future, ' Grace said in the half-yearly report last month. 1
4. "It feels incredibly good for a long period of uncertainty to come to an end, " Muller said. "We can pay our debts, start production, launch new models and expand operations to China. 1
5. "The economic outlook for 2011 is uncertain and we continue to plan on a cautious basis, " Chief Executive Officer Adam Crozier said in a statement. 1
6. "The Only way that the Fed can affect the level of borrowed reserves is by adjusting the discount rate. " Is this statement true, false, or uncertain? Explain your answer. 1
7. "The yes vote just removes this huge cloud of uncertainty in the market," said Serge Pepin, head of investments at BMO Investments. 1
8. "There is no reason in the world we have to be this uncertain about the relative risks and benefits, " says Dr. Sean Tunis, a former chief medical officer of Medicare. 1
9. "We wouldn't sell to Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea, and we have relayed that to the agent. "We have told him that in no uncertain terms. I couldn't have been clearer about it. 1
10. "When images begin to fade, the uncertainty about where to look increases the fluctuations in superior colliculus activity, triggering a microsaccade," adds Krauzlis. 1
11. "WHITHER goest thou, America" That question, posed by Jack Kerouac on behalf of the Beat generation half a century ago, is the biggest uncertainty hanging over the world economy. 1
12. A circle-like criterion will be given)it says that some frequency-domain conditions of all vertex or edge systems guarantee the absolute stability of the whole uncertain system. 1
13. A complicating factor is uncertainty surrounding the choice of axisymmetric exhaust nozzle geometry and ventral strakes in the long term. 1
14. A contingency is such a status of an enterprise as results from its business activities and its result could only be proved by the occurrence or nonoccurrence of uncertain events in future. 1
15. A continuous reheating industrial furnace is large inertia, pure delay, multi-variables, time-varying, intercoupling complicated controlled plant, and has many uncertain factors. 1
16. A curmudgeon will sigh that this has led to a lowering of standards at the top of the Premier League, but those old-fashioned enough to enjoy uncertainty will find the game's appeal enhanced. 1
17. A decade later, the local community's delighted that the Forestry Commission's decided to end the uncertainty. 1
18. A design method of a robust rotational velocity controller of water hydraulic servomotor was presented for the uncertain parameters and the load fluctuation. 1
19. A drunk was standing in the middle of the street, swaying uncertainly and trying hard to stay upright. 1
20. A figure moved slowly through the uncertain light towards him, as faceless and monumental as Death in an old engraving. 1
21. A flexible inference rule in belief networks is designed and quasi-information filtering provides a new approach to studying uncertainty in decision analysis and A. 1
22. A freehold estate is an interest in land that is of uncertain duration. 1
23. A further twist to the uncertainty of fossil fuel supplies was provided by the growing militancy of Britain's miners. 1
24. A fuzzing optimization model, which is represented more reasonable decisions in the practical manufacturing environment, is established by considering the uncertainness of boundary. 1
25. A general uncertainty relation between learning ability and generalization ability suited to overfitting was revealed in the modeling of BP neural network. 1
26. A group of models are Used to simulate the uncertain process with large dead time. 1
27. A kind of object reference parameter adaptive dead time compensator is presented. A group of models are Used to simulate the uncertain process with large dead time. 1
28. A large body of theory and no small degree of controversy exist relative to the treatment of uncertainty. 1
29. A large quantity of information is needed in order to reduce this uncertainty to an acceptable level. 1
30. A man or woman whose social or personal habits are unconventional or uncertain is not likely to be risked. 1

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