Unanimity Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. About this there is unanimity among the historians. 1
2. Acting unanimously, the member States could have informally amended the treaty provisions, but without such unanimity they each remained bound. 1
3. All decisions would require unanimity. 1
4. All our opinions are tending to unanimity. 1
5. But the ministers favoured a more gradual approach, entailing unanimity at each stage. 1
6. Contemporary artists favour a droit de suite with near unanimity, even though their work rarely finds a secondary market. 1
7. Coordinators' unanimity about attitude change in their schools is significant for two reasons. 1
8. Does the political leadership act with unanimity on all major issues? 2. 1
9. Employment policies based on that kind of scientific unanimity can be implemented with confidence. 1
10. First, the decision would require unanimity, not so much for legal but for political purposes. 1
11. For inspecting topological and geometrical unanimity of a solid model, principle of closed path topology and Euler′s formula are important tools. 1
12. His views on knowledge economy have been accepted with unanimity. 1
13. However, the effect of requiring unanimity means in practice that any one constituent body has a right of veto. 1
14. I can only record that prisoners and prison staff displayed a rare unanimity in condemning the present system. 1
15. In almost every discussion there is bound to be some disagreement, Don't expect unanimity. 1
16. In the present case, unanimity was achieved at the price of watering down the provisions that require other countries to search North Korean vessels. 1
17. In the technical literature, virtual unanimity reigns: most of the variation among individual IQs is due to variation in genes. 1
18. It provides that the Council may, but only by unanimity, designate certain decisions to be taken by qualified majority voting. 1
19. Members of both parties accepted our proposals with unanimity. 1
20. New features could only be added to the language only when all committee members reached unanimity. 1
21. Nothing marred the unanimity of the proceedings. 1
22. Our American unity does not depend upon unanimity. 1
23. Our discussions led to complete unanimity. 1
24. Sheeplike is the word for the near unanimity in the annual best-of awards that have been recently announced by the 27 critics' associations I keep tabs on. 1
25. Similarly radicals overstate the degree of unanimity among the medical profession, which is in fact riven with dissension and competing ideologies. 1
26. So that the socialist democracy is the unanimity of ends and means. 1
27. The council reached unanimity on the third day of deliberations. 1
28. The longer I live, the harder I shall fight against the rule of unanimity and the veto. 1
29. The rule of unanimity on most decisions was upheld. 1
30. The Victorian asylum movement was successful largely because of a unanimity of views on the subject by most men of influence. 1




  - agreement by all people involved; consensus.


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