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# Sentence Times
1. (At the climax it gets revived with jumper cables.) In Hollywood movies such behavior is unacceptable; it's children who get to abuse adults by sassing and sabotaging them. 0
2. "For a male contraceptive even a very low level of toxicity is unacceptable which is why we adopted the approach of using follicle-stimulating hormone, " Dr. 1
3. "It is simply unacceptable for companies to repeatedly misreport production, particularly when it interferes with the auditing process," Michael Bromwich, the director of BOEM, said in a release. 1
4. "It's unacceptable for workers to risk death and injury merely for pursuing their legal right to fair wages paid punctually and in full," Richardson said. 1
5. A conventional war would still cause unacceptable devastation. 1
6. A Libya with Qaddafi in even partial control would be unacceptable to the international community; the country would be highly unstable and a real liability to North Africa and Europe. 1
7. A long wait for a patient with bladder outflow obstruction for a specialist opinion is both undesirable and unacceptable. 1
8. A major new endowment for Gloucester could only be achieved at the expense of existing interests, and this was politically unacceptable. 1
9. A major new endowment for Gloucester could only be achieved at the expense of existing interests(sentence dictionary), and this was politically unacceptable. 1
10. A received bill of lading is usually unacceptable to the bank or the importer as the goods may be left on the dock or in the godown for weeks or even months before actual shipment takes place. 1
11. Abdullah Abdullah, Mr Karzai's main challenger, is seen as a Tajik, and hence unacceptable to some Pushtuns. 1
12. Additionally, they feared the full development of a national health service, viewed by them as unacceptable socialism. 1
13. Again, it is not surprising that most Christians find this theory totally unacceptable. 1
14. Again, we are reminded too late that the risks associated with high short-term rewards are often unacceptable for a public company. 1
15. All isolation techniques may be aesthetically unacceptable or even dirty. 1
16. Also the room designs of pupils not using scissors generally had more unacceptable features. 1
17. Amend the constitution is an internal human occupation the interests of shareholders, management performance is unacceptable. 1
18. An aerial shall be installed and maintained to good engineering standard so as not to pose unacceptable risks to persons or property in the vicinity. 1
19. An organ should be removed if the alternative at this time is completely unacceptable. 1
20. An unacceptable deterioration of glycaemic control occurs when control can not readily be restored by a minor alteration of the treatment regimen. 1
21. An unacceptable love needs no sorrow but time- sometime for forgetting.A badly-hurt heart needs no sympathy but understanding. 1
22. An unholy alliance with other minorities to preserve ideological positions otherwise unacceptable to the electorate does not appeal as a noble enterprise. 1
23. And above all pupils were the first to acknowledge the moment when they moved from acceptable to unacceptable standards. 1
24. And we had to keep our water supply low down, or the risk of capsize would be unacceptable. 1
25. Any great degree of such aortic valve incompetence will place an unacceptable work-load on the heart, with resulting heart failure. 1
26. Any individual with a socially unacceptable appearance might be suspected of witchcraft. 1
27. Any taking of hostages is unacceptable and must be firmly opposed by the international community. 1
28. As a new diagnosis method, it will take the place of the unacceptable gastroscopy. 1
29. As reported last month four boys have been suspended for unacceptable behaviour and have expressed no regret for their actions. 1
30. At issue is whether the hardware can be integrated without creating unacceptable risk of another failure. 1

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