Ubiquitous Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A less obvious but ubiquitous mass produced service is a computer operating system. 1
2. A loud burst of singing gave away the presence of the ubiquitous wren. 1
3. A question is likely to occupy the first part of the ubiquitous three-phase IRF exchange. 1
4. A ubiquitous process that starts immediately after death is of course decay, which in small mammals progresses very quickly. 1
5. According to Miller, the ubiquitous "One Love" has reduced Marley's revolutionary message to a catchphrase for Jamaica's tourist industry. 1
6. Acetaldehyde almost exists ubiquitously and is harmful to people. 1
7. After the 1960s, when Miami was flooded with Cubans fleeing Fidel Castro's rule, the pressed Cuban sandwich became ubiquitous in cafeterias and coffee shops there. 1
8. Alachlor is a widely used pre-emergence herbicide, and known as a dangerous, recalcitrant and ubiquitous organic contaminant. 1
9. All - rounder cannot take place of perseverance. It's ubiquitousness that an all - rounder cannot achieve succeed. 1
10. All nationalized industries require very competent and ubiquitous managers. 1
11. All-rounder can't take place of perseverance. It's ubiquitousness that an all-rounder can't achieve succeed. 1
12. An ubiquitous feature of post-colonialism is the dominance of the state in the process of capital accumulation. 1
13. An ubiquitous virus, encephalomyocarditis , has been demonstrated upon occasion to affect swine. 1
14. And for decades now, the granddaddy of all rationalizations has been the "character" issue that was born of Vietnam and Watergate and became ubiquitous after Gary Hart. 1
15. Another fruit subject to such human-assisted reproduction is the ubiquitous navel orange. 1
16. Another fruIt'subject to such human assisted reproduction is the ubiquitous navel orange. 1
17. At the shopping center, the ubiquitous closed-circuit camera may soon be smart enough to seek him out personally. 1
18. Avian reovirus ( ARV ) infection is ubiquitous in the poultry industry around the world. 1
19. Avoid quiches, pasties and meat pies, but don't be shy of the ubiquitous baked potato. 1
20. Back in the North Sea, the ubiquitous Zepplins were proving a great nuisance. 1
21. Because of the ubiquitousness of the technology, tech-based art has a particularly strong connection with the activist community. 1
22. Borscht and pelmeni (dumplings) are ubiquitously Russian, but experiment with different varieties, such as salmon and wild mushroom pelmeni. 1
23. Bose - Einstein condensation ( BEC ) is a ubiquitous phenomenon relating to many fields in physics. 1
24. Both 4 G technologies promise wireless nirvana: fast, ubiquitous broadband. 1
25. Both types of organisms are ubiquitous in nature. 1
26. But fate had put into his lap one of the ubiquitous nobodies. 1
27. But the president has been outshone by Laurence Golborne, his equally ubiquitous mining minister. 1
28. Coffee shops are ubiquitous these days. 1
29. Conflict and change are ubiquitous features of the relations among groups. 1
30. Despite being so ubiquitous, until now they've been solely a male preserve. 1

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