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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use twists, so you can learn how to use twists in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word twists here, and see the words sound like or similar to twists

# Sentence Times
1. A series of problems and contradiction caused by fee enlargement mainly embody the confusion of government income channels and twists of government behavior. 1
2. A statement that twists fact ; a misrepresentation. 1
3. Accident twists and turns, harvest 15 years accidentally 15 talkfest , better year by year, the most wonderful this year. 1
4. All these twists given to human character by the conditions of camp life were noticeable in varying degrees throughout the years. 1
5. And the sporty model, with its bigger tires, felt better in highway twists and turns than its richer sibling. 1
6. Apple is, in short, an orchestrator and integrator of technologies, unafraid to bring in ideas from outside but always adding its own twists. 1
7. As in all twists, the twisting action of Bharadvajasana begins in your pelvis, from your pubic bone, and moves upward. 1
8. As their celebrations continue more facts emerge with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing up to the final curtain. 1
9. Border Town was published in 1934, the novel describes mountain tea Cave captain's two sons, Tianbao and Tan Song with Baidu people's granddaughter Tracy sent with the twists and turns of love. 1
10. But each and every time my body temperature shoots up, my gut twists, my heart knocks about in my chest. 1
11. But once you're used to it the bike feels totally comfortable scratching through the twists and turns of back roads. 1
12. But the journey of life has many twists and turns. 1
13. Carbonado half hours are controlled first, fold to tea stalk can break, but the hand twists not broken nowadays carbonadoes. 1
14. Compared to the maze of twists and turns that exists both in the Latin Quarter and the St Germain area, this is sanity. 1
15. Created a low-born, the road twists and turns of life. 1
16. Donizetti carefully woven melodic lines, twists and turns to euphemism, expressive and singing, Orchestration in the accompaniment of music at the same time the pursuit of wealth effect. 1
17. Downstream the river twists and turns a lot. 1
18. Draining mountains of everlasting snow, the river twists for nineteen hundred miles. 1
19. During its flight, the weapon twists and turns. 1
20. Especially to cognitively complex humor, full of twists and surprises. 1
21. First the highway twists low, plunging me into Glenwood Canyon. 1
22. Haindl's malevolent face twists in surprise. 1
23. He always twists the facts to suit his own purpose. 1
24. He passed scattered jawbones, pale twists of wood. 1
25. Here Neeson reaches out and twists both hands in opposite directions, like he's corkscrewing two ends of a soda can, reaches toward me so it's clear: This is in his chest. 1
26. However, June looks like being a month of domestic bliss with some happy twists of fate in store. 1
27. I have found that the best poses for sacroiliac pain are twists and asymmetrical forward bends, both of which help to diminish the torque through the joint. 1
28. I ignited my sacroiliac pain in large part by the way I was practicing seated twists. I was meticulous to keep my pelvis firmly on the floor when I twisted. 1
29. I think the surprise twists in the storyline are its greatest strength. 1
30. I wanted to relay all the twists and turns of my investigation. 1

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