Trellis Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A data aided symbol timing estimation algorithm was proposed for burst-mode space-time trellis coded multi-level continuous phase modulation(STTC-MCPM) systems in Rayleigh fading channels. 1
2. A green grasshopper jumps to here. He dont see the growing turnip in the earth, and soon jumping upto the luffa trellis with blossom. 1
3. A new model speech compression was proposed based on adaptive predictive trellis coding quantization ( APTCQ ) algorithm. 1
4. A new optimization algorithm of space-time trellis code is presented. 1
5. A new soft decision adaptive decoding algorithm for space time trellis code ( STTC ) is proposed. 1
6. A robin came to perch on the trellis, only an arm's distance away. 1
7. A simple trellis entwined with flowers on a platform at the end of the dining hall was Illyria. 1
8. A vertical trellis for grapes was placed along the back wall. 1
9. And what was that climbing up the trellis? 1
10. Based on OFDM system, a novel space-frequency-time code which combined trellis-coded modulation with differential space-time block code was proposed. 0
11. Better environment is provided that includes trellis space and roof garden. 1
12. By the analysis to the basic geologic trellis at first. 1
13. Compared with the full rank space-time trellis code (FR-STTC, it can provide a better performance and a lower realization complexity. 1
14. Compared with the full rank space-time trellis code (FR-STTC) with the same transmission rate, it can provide a better performance and a lower realization complexity. 1
15. Compared with the space-time trellis code (STTC), the Pre-coding STBC has lower complexity without performance deterioration. 1
16. Dirty paper trellis code for watermarking complete code, has been tested. 1
17. Each courtyard had a grape trellis. 1
18. Espalier: A shrub or fruit tree trained to grow flat against a wall or trellis. 1
19. Grape trellis down, blow defeated face skin. 1
20. His chapbook Under a Paper trellis is published by Factory Hollow Press. 1
21. If lacking, these aspects can easily be created using fence panels, trellis or planting. 1
22. If lacking, these aspects can easily be created using fence panels(Sentencedict), trellis or planting. 1
23. In view of this project is the heavy steel structure, picks the double-decked trellis type rigidity support plan to the workshop, the unit area saves about 10% with the steel quantity. 1
24. In Xinjiang, the courtyard of almost every home has a grape trellis. 1
25. It has been replaced with trellis which is planted with variegated euonymus, five clematis, a climbing rose and evergreen honeysuckles. 1
26. Jade vine is grown in tropical landscapes, trained to a stout trellis, arch or pergola. 1
27. Never put a trellis behind it to support its growth. 1
28. On the basis of analyzing the butterfly structure of trellis, complex branch metric calculation is simplified. 1
29. On this basis, the space-time trellis codes and Decoding Principle and flat fading channel coding guidelines are introduced. 1
30. Queue up trellises rather than bushes to divide a garden into sections or to provide privacy. 1

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