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# Sentence Times
1. "Would you look back on some of the financings as negligent or improper?" asked the commission chairman, former California state treasurer Phil Angelides. 1
2. A deputy treasurer may be appointed if necessary. 1
3. A meeting was called for the purpose of appointing a new treasurer. 1
4. After the trial he was reappointed treasurer. 1
5. Alberta's treasurer, Stockwell Day, is angling for the job. 1
6. All donations will be formally acknowledged by the Honorary treasurer and should of course be in favour of the Association. 1
7. All nominees for treasurer will be considered. 1
8. Anil Khanna , treasurer of the organising committee , has quit over accusations of graft. 1
9. Anyone wishing to apply for a grant should write to the treasurer. 1
10. As treasurer of the R.A.D.D., he once balanced the books, which had a serious deficit, with a handsome donation. 1
11. As treasurer of the R.A.D.D., he once balanced the books, which had a serious deficit,(This website/d.html) with a handsome donation. 1
12. At noon, I was introduced on the stage by our state treasurer, Jimmie Lou Fisher, who had been with me since 1978. 1
13. At the same time, individuals need to hold their pension fund managers and state treasurers accountable. 1
14. Beneath his control were two other officers significant in royal government, the treasurer of the Chamber and the King's Secretary. 1
15. Beneath the treasurer, the Chancellor of the Exchequer came to exercise an effective supervision both of receipt and of audit. 1
16. But in December 1983 , the then Federal treasurer , Paul Keating a ounced the floating of the dollar. 1
17. C10.01 The officers of this congregation shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. 1
18. California State treasurer Bill Lockyer last week asked Geithner to tap the bailout fund to provide a backstop for billions of dollars in notes for states and municipalities. 1
19. Charities often have a well-known person as their honorary treasurer. 1
20. Concern over the finances of the festival was voiced by treasurer of the Dolmetsch Foundation at the annual general meeting on Saturday. 1
21. Delwyn Pepper, nascent tyrant, was voted treasurer. 1
22. Depending on the size of the operations I would however recommend that the treasurer consider applying for registration as a charity. 1
23. Des Moines attorney and former candidate for Iowa state treasurer Joan Bolin agrees. 1
24. Elma was the nominee for treasurer. 1
25. Federal treasurer Peter Costello says breaches of privacy by Australian Taxation Office staff are unacceptable. 1
26. Following the defections, Copeland appointed himself treasurer and chairman of his own campaign. 1
27. Fong is a fourth - generation Californian. He served as state treasurer from 1995 to 1999. 1
28. For a time he served as canon and treasurer of Salisbury Cathedral, having been ordained a priest several years before. 1
29. For small firms, the treasurer is likely to be the only financial executive. 1
30. Foundation treasurer Alan Wilson said net proceeds are about $ 182, 000, with about 11, 000 pairs to sell. 1




treasurers (plural noun)

  - a person appointed to administer or manage the financial assets and liabilities of a society, company, local authority, or other body.


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